Acquisition Integration and ROA

ARC consulted with the client cross functional team of plant executives, engineering managers, and project team leaders representing several plants. 

Client Challenges

refinery300px-cr2.jpgExecutive management at a major industrial company saw the need for a consistent automation strategy to ensure alignment of future expenditures of human and financial resources with the corporation's business requirements.  The company had grown through acquisition and the resulting diverse cultures naturally led to local optimizing.  This thwarted the benefits of economies of scale, a collaborative culture, and common best practices.  This ARC client understood the industry experience and knowledge ARC would bring to orchestrate the development of their formal strategy.

ARC Solution

A senior ARC analyst consulted with the client's cross functional team of plant executives, engineering managers, and project team leaders representing all plants.  Using ARC's Strategy Development methodology, the analyst managed consensus building through a series of Strategy Workshops.  This leadership team identified key issues including industry trends, technology assessment, and supplier market dynamics with guidance from ARC's strategic vision. They analyzed their current situation and established ultimate goals.  With the help of the ARC analyst's external unbiased viewpoint, they evaluated alternatives for achieving the goals in the context of a solid business rationale. The team evaluated alternatives, set priorities, and determined their "Best Available Solutions".


With an extraordinary level of consensus, the leadership team has a corporate-wide plant systems strategy from sensors and actuation through to supply chain . They documented a formal automation strategy across multiple plants with different legacy automation systems and local strategies which executive management accepted.  It established a baseline infrastructure required to insure successful projects with a clear correlation between project initiatives and business objectives.

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