ARC Advisory Group Management

ARC Advisory Group is led by an experienced management team with extensive industry knowledge.

Andy ChathaAndy Chatha

President and Founder

Andy has over 40 years experience in enterprise applications and automation as an executive advisor, market analyst, project manager, and software engineer.  Andy provides leadership to the ARC organization and guides its research and client activities.  For over 30 years, Andy has provided advice and consul to many leading manufacturing companies around the world.

Prior to starting ARC, Andy was an executive at The Foxboro Company where he was responsible for sales and marketing activities for advanced process automation solutions.  He has also had hands-on experience in the design and implementation of large enterprise and automation systems.   At Westinghouse, Andy managed several very successful automation projects.  Andy started his career in 1970 at General Electric Company of UK as a systems engineer for the design and implementation of large, computer-based, enterprise automation projects.

Andy holds an MBA and an MS and BS in Engineering.

Greg GorbachGreg Gorbach

Vice President, Industrial IoT & Digital Transformation

Greg spearheads ARC's transformative technologies for industry initiatives, including Analytics and Big Data, Cloud Computing, Mobility, and Industrial Internet of Things.

Greg's team focuses on the digital transformation taking place throughout the industrial space. Known by terms such as Industrial Internet of Things, Industrie 4.0, Information-Driven Manufacturing, Connected Manufacturing, Smart Manufacturing, Industrial Internet, and many others, this transformation is already underway. It is powered by technologies such as machine learning, predictive analytics and Big Data, cloud computing, mobility, low-cost sensors, edge intelligence, network connectivity, and more.

Greg is an acknowledged industry leader in the digital transformation of industrial companies and the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT). He is also knowledgeable about Operations Management and MES, and ERP and PLM software, especially in their interplay with plant systems. He provides clients in a number of manufacturing vertical markets with strategic advice in transforming manufacturing operations. Greg has been with ARC since 1998. Prior to ARC, Greg has experience in manufacturing, industrial automation, and industrial software companies. He brings over 20 years of hands-on experience to ARC, with direct experience within manufacturing organizations, as well as extensive experience with suppliers to manufacturers.

Greg's education includes a BSEE and an MBA. He blogs frequently at

Mike GuilfoyleMike Guilfoyle

Vice President, Sustainability and Energy Transition

For more than two decades, Michael has assisted organizations, including numerous Fortune 500 companies, in identifying and capitalizing on growth opportunities and market disruption presented by the effects of digital economies, energy transition, and industrial sustainability on the energy, manufacturing, and technology industries.

Michael's expertise is in market analysis and strategy development for companies facing transformational market drivers. At ARC, he leads a team that researches the impact of energy transition and sustainability on industrial organizations. Mike is also an acknowledge thought leader in digital transformation related to the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) and advanced analytics, including machine learning, as well as leading edge technologies such as cloud platforms. He spends considerable time working with clients on the human side of digital transformation and its impact on workforce skills development, knowledge transfer, and change management. Michael is also a co-founder and steering committee member of the Digital Transformation Council. Additionally, he leads ARC’s Vanguard practice, which is a peer-to-peer service designed to support senior executives charged with industrial innovation.

Michael has held multiple senior management positions in business and market strategy.  Just prior to joining ARC, he was a key contributor on Oracle's global industry strategy team for utilities.  During that time, he spearheaded many strategic planning and go-to-market initiatives covering topics such as business model evolution, advanced distribution management, operational analytics, distributed energy, mobility, asset management, workforce modernization, and knowledge management.

Steve DePaolaSteve DePaola

Vice President, Client Services

Steve leads the ARC business development team for North American Clients.  He has over 25 years experience in business management and client development as a project manager and marketing manager.

Steve has been with ARC since 1995. Prior to ARC, Steve worked for The Center for Executive Education at Babson College where he was responsible for all Accounting activities and for supervision of the Total Quality Management Program. While getting his MBA at Babson College, Steve served as a team leader on several important consulting projects, including a year-long business evaluation of a Health Care/Insurance Company. Steve provided financial analyses, market research, internal reorganization, and strategic marketing recommendations. In another project, Steve worked on the international product launch of a sophisticated internet device for Bolt, Beranek, and Newman (BBN).

Steve holds an MBA from Babson College and a BA in Economics from the University of Massachusetts at Amherst.

Uwe GrundmannUwe Grundmann

General Manager, Europe

Uwe is responsible for managing ARC's operations in Germany and Europe. He has over 20 years experience in the manufacturing industry with deep knowledge in automation and enterprise applications. He established the ARC Advisory Group in Europe.

Before joining ARC, Uwe was head of the Software Marketing and Sales team at Rockwell Automation in Gruiten, Germany. His responsibilities included strategic development of new product based businesses. With his outstanding market knowledge he established new successful business fields within the German sales operation and opened new channels for product and system sales. He was an active member of the OPC European Steering Committee and helped the OPC foundation to perform their tasks.

Uwe has published numerous articles in technical publications and presented papers at a number of conferences. He holds a degree from the Ruhr Universität Bochum in Germany.

Shuji AbeShuji Abe

General Manager, Asia

Shuji Abe is Vice President and General Manager of ARC Japan. He is responsible for sales and support of ARC's many Japanese and Southeast Asian client companies.

Mr. Abe has over 30 years of experience directly in the automation market. Abe-san comes to ARC after 7 years with Foxboro. There he served as Project Manager of domestic and overseas projects for I/A Series systems and Sales Manager for Field Instruments and DCS systems in Japan and Southeast Asia.

Prior to Foxboro he worked at Chino Corporation. While there, Abe-san worked on design of recorders and controllers, design of FA systems and DCS, and was Division Manager of the FA Division.

Abe-san has a BS in Electronic & Measurement & Control.

G. (Raman) GanapathiramanG. Ganapathiraman

Vice President & General Manager, India

G. Ganapathiraman is currently VP & GM, responsible for managing ARC Advisory Group’s operations in India. Raman brings in nearly five decades of experience in the industry especially focused on automation and enterprise. Raman has been head of ARC's India operations since June 2012.  His range of responsibilities at ARC includes supporting the global offices in preparation of market research reports (worldwide, regional, and India specific), and organizing ARC Asia/India forums.

Prior to joining ARC, he superannuated as Executive Director of Electronics Division (EDN) of BHEL. During his tenure of 38 years in BHEL, he headed Electronics Division (EDN), Project Engineering Management (PEM) and Industrial Systems Group (ISG). He has been a team leader and builder; at BHEL he led a team of 5,000 personnel.  

Raman’s work and commitment to excellence has won recognition at the national and international levels.  He has received various prestigious awards, such as ICWA Cost Management Award, CII Business Excellence, and Quality Control (QC) Awards.  Raman is a senior member in IEEE and ISA.   Raman is a gold medalist in Electrical Engineering (B.E.) from Madras University.