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With ARC Services for Financial Firms, you can obtain the information and analysis needed to improve investment choices and day-to-day decision making.  Plus, you have direct access to the industry's leading experts for insight into the business and technology trends.  You obtain both quantitative data and qualitative information that is necessary for your financial analysis. 

In today's volatile business environment, financial service professionals who are responsible for equity research, investment banking, venture capital, and M&A need help with the analysis of companies.  Industrial and technology firms are particularly difficult to analyze because they are often highly diversified with numerous products serving specific market segments. Where can you go for the information needed to evaluate a target company's fundamentals?

ARC will provide data on the market standing of the company and their competitors to give you improved insight into the business under consideration and a competitive advantage.  This knowledge of their marketing, sales, and products becomes an invaluable tool for risk management and advising clients.

Improve Investment Performance

You can reduce investment risk and improve the financial analysis provided to your clients with services from ARC. We have the knowledge base, hands-on experience, and skills to understand the market issues for a target company.

ARC is the global leader in business strategies, industry trends, and technology assessment services for Business Managers.   Use ARC for:

  • Company Market Standing and Competitors
  • Pre and Post Earning Support
  • Business and Technology Trends
  • Industry Specific Issues
  • SWOT Analysis (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities,  Threats)

ARC market data and studies deliver the qualitative and quantitative information that is critical to evaluating business fundamentals. This service helps you comply with SEC requirements to offer independent research, greater rating transparency, and objective analysis.  ARC analysts become an extension to your staff for help with your unique opportunities.

With ARC market data and services, you will have the support you need to address these business investment needs: 

  • Product and Technology Assessment
  • Anticipated Market Shifts
  • Analysis of IPOs, Mergers, and Acquisitions
  • Business Integration and Rationalization
  • Assessment of End User Demand
  • Strategic Positioning of the Primary Players
  • And more . . .

We provide our financial clients with strategic market research, advisory, consulting services as well as opportunity to attend ARC Industry Forums for networking with industry executives:

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"ARC Advisory Group’s market share reports are very insightful and helpful in helping our company with business planning and strategy."

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GVP Global Sales Strategy
Blue Yonder

Find out how ARC will help improve your business operations and profitability.

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