Digital Transformation for Industry, Infrastructure and Cities

Disruptive new technologies and methodologies have already gained a foothold in most organizations.  Cloud, Machine Learning, Edge Computing, IoT, Cybersecurity Best Practices, Additive Manufacturing, Augmented Reality, DevOps and more are enabling new business processes and obscuring traditional functional boundaries.  OT, IT, and ET teams are growing their skills and capabilities and transforming real-time operations.  Executives charged with driving transformation are seizing this moment to innovate and deliver real value.  By using data, digital technologies, and machine learning, organizations can ask questions about their interactions with customers, then map those learnings back to how assets are deployed and managed in operations.   They can optimize their business, respond quickly to customer needs and market trends, and improve profitability and shareholder value. 
In this dynamic, complex, and fast-moving space, ARC's Digital Transformation Advisory Service provides the intelligence you need to incorporate the latest developments and best practices into your strategies.

Industrial Digital Transformation Framework:  Elements of a Successful Digital Transformation Program

A successful Digital Transformation program steps an organization through a process that transforms its current state to a desired future state.  For production operations, this often involves moving from a local, siloed, procedural operating model to a more comprehensive model that is integrated to the enterprise, responsive to customers and market changes, and optimized in the context of overall business performance.  

  1. Customer-focused Innovation.  Unless you start with the customer, chances are that your transformation will miss the mark.  One of ARC's industrial clients summed it up this way:  "By using data, digital technologies, and machine learning we can ask new questions about our interactions with customers, then map those learnings back to how assets are deployed and managed in operations.   We optimize our business, respond quickly to customer needs and market trends, and improve profitability and shareholder value."
  2. transformation-framework-digital-transformation-programIdentify New Boundary-crossing Business Processes.  Today's business processes are too-often constrained by what was possible, given the systems available, at the time they were instituted.  With the advent of new and disruptive technologies, new ecosystems can be supported, and new, efficient processes can be introduced.  It is vitally important to approach this by using a 21st Century model of operations, and not fall into the trap of using a comfortable, but possibly dated mental model thereby artificially limiting the ‘transformation’ that will be achieved.  A frank assessment of the organization’s capacity for change is also important in this process.  If you don’t know what you are capable of (and limited by) you can never understand what fundamentals must shift in order to transform.
  3. Technologies, Security, and Architecture.  By themselves, new technologies do not justify a digital transformation.  However, they will play a critical role in the eventual end-state.  The Digital Transformation initiative must explicitly consider these technologies, together with associated architecture and cybersecurity requirements.  
  4. Business Justification and Solution Selection.  As all of the above come into focus, it is time to zero in on specific solutions, costs, and ROI.   
  5. Deploy, Build Expertise, and Create New Cultural and Workforce Norms.  Many of the changes will require the organization to adapt in ways that go beyond the usual 'change management' dictums.  For example, the organization may want to add data scientists in leadership roles to help the organization benefit more and more over time from machine learning or artificial intelligence systems.  

Industrial Digital Transformation Maturity

digital-transformation-maturityThe transformation of industrial products, operations, value chains, and aftermarket services, enabled through cultural and workforce changes and through the expanded use of sensors, data and analytics, is driving new business models and step changes in performance.

Many newer technologies such as IoT/connected assets, wearables, augmented reality, artificial intelligence (AI), advanced analytics, and machine learning require changing the way technology leaders think about people and technology architecture and process.  But there's more to digital transformation than disruptive technologies.  It’s really about leveraging these technologies to innovate and optimize your business model and business processes - in a way that wasn’t possible before – to drive more value for customers and the enterprise.  

Leading Industrial Companies Embrace Digital Transformation

Leading industrial companies are actively engaged in transformation programs that will reshape their production operations to be more integrated, responsive, and optimized to meet business and customer needs.  Whether it is called Digital Transformation, Smart Manufacturing, or something else, there is clearly a significant shift underway.  Information-driven, highly efficient competitors with innovative business models will enjoy a competitive advantage in the marketplace.

With ARC's help, technology users may be able to dramatically improve both asset performance and operating performance through the use of IIoT technologies. 

ARC can help develop strategies for:

  • Fostering Innovation
  • Implementing as a Way to Learn and Scale
  • Disruptive Technologies
  • Culture, Organization, and Change
  • ROI Matters – When and How
  • Supplier and Solution Selection
  • Digital Transformation Planning and Roadmapping

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Machinery Manufacturers: Transforming with Connectivity and Services

ARC Digitization Strategy Model

Digital Transformation Council

Technology Suppliers: Delivering Transformation Solutions

ARC helps technology suppliers define and implement their competitive strategy for the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT).  Our service helps core technology suppliers position their products for industrial markets, identify strategic partners, and target high potential market opportunities.  It helps software, automation, and implementation companies to identify and shape high value IIoT solutions for their industrial customers.

ARC Provides Guidance on:

  • Go-to-Market Strategy
  • Product Development
  • Partnering
  • Competitive Strategy

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Key Deliverables

You can gain from ARC's thought leadership through our Advisory Service.  An annual subscription includes these deliverables for one year:

Access to Client Area of Website

A subscription to ARC's Advisory Services includes access to a collaborative, on-line resource dedicated to ARC's clients.  ARC Client Portal contains a vast amount of information based on extensive research conducted over the past decade.  This includes all weekly and monthly reports, ARC Forum presentations, and more.  Specific information can be easily found via the site's powerful search capabilities.

Direct Access to Top ARC Analysts

Advisory Service clients enjoy direct and immediate telephone and email access to all of ARC's industry experts.  The senior ARC consultant assigned to your account, backed by ARC's entire research team, will be an invaluable addition to your staff.  You can get answers to questions on emerging technologies, enterprise applications, plant automation, as well as strategic issues.  Here are some examples of questions you can ask our analysts:

  • What technologies and products fit my industry and should be adopted?
  • How should I go about selecting suppliers?
  • What type of partnership contract should I sign?
  • What method should I use to cost justify my projects?
  • Which technologies provide the best ROI?

The ability to speak directly with the ARC analysts is one of the most valuable features of ARC's Advisory Services.  The information and assistance you receive is customized to your requirements.  ARC can provide an impartial expert viewpoint to help you make strategic decisions.  Advisory Service clients also receive preferential rates and priorities for consulting services covering a wide range of activities including vendor qualification, executive technology briefings, product specification, strategic planning, alliances, acquisitions, and market research.

ARC's market research efforts give us a unique perspective and ability to answer wide ranging questions.  As an Advisory Service client you will be able to tap into a wealth of product knowledge and industry experience for assistance in making your strategic decisions.  If you are involved in the planning, budgeting, specification, or selection of automation products and enterprise applications, ARC can help you make informed, cost-saving decisions.

Personalized Strategy Session

Your strategy review session with ARC analysts will have an agenda that is tailored to meet your particular needs.  In your strategy session, ARC typically presents an assessment of technology and industry trends affecting your business.  Then, your team presents their strategic plan.  An informed discussion provides the opportunity to gather strategic direction that improves and extends your business initiatives.  Also, the ARC team has a better understanding of your needs so they can better serve you.  During the Strategy Session, we can:

  • Update your executives and staff on the latest trends in technologies, markets, and supplier directions
  • Consider the impact of emerging technologies
  • Review business practices and organization to meet today's challenges
  • Discuss the benefits of new applications in enterprise or manufacturing systems
  • Examine integrating enterprise applications with plant control systems
  • Obtain an external view free of internal bias

ARC's analysts thoroughly understand enterprise, supply chain, internet of things, and automation systems with both researched industry knowledge as well as hands-on familiarity.  Our people have years of personal experience working the business issues you face.

Weekly ARC Insights and Views

ARC Insights and Views are delivered weekly or as news happens to not only alert you to important events, but also to provide ARC's unique perspective on the impact they will have on the industry.

The dynamic nature of the industrial market can cause changes with immediate impact on your enterprise and automation projects or plans.  ARC Insights and Views alert you to important events and trends, with analysis on its impact and recommendations for success.  Breaking information can be the difference between costly mistakes or profitable new approaches.

ARC Insights and Views are delivered weekly in PDF format to all Advisory Service clients.  They are also available on-line in the Client Only Portal.

Monthly Report, Podcast or Video

ARC Strategies & Best Practices are easy to read, yet packed with valuable information.  The reports are praised by Advisory Service clients as being worth the price of the service in themselves.   ARC Strategies and Best Practice Reports provide in-depth coverage of applications, new technologies, or best practices.  ARC Best Practice reports identify the best practices used by the leading manufacturing companies related to specific topics of interest to our clients.

The reports are delivered monthly in PDF format to all Advisory Service clients.  They are also available on-line in the Client Only Portal. 

ARC Forum Tickets

ARC Advisory Service clients receive free forum tickets which can be used for any of ARC's forums.  ARC conducts several executive forums each year around the world.  These forums are designed to provide a strategic vision to help industry executives follow the direction of the industry, as well as provide a technology focus for IT, supply chain, engineering, maintenance and operational managers. 

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ARC Presentations on Current Hot Topics

ARC analysts are well known for their expertise and are frequent speakers at many industry leading events.  Would content from a premier analyst organization add credibility to your next presentation?   Supporting slides from ARC Advisory Group will make your presentation more convincing.   Prospects, customers, peers, and your management will value the inclusion of strategic direction from an independent analyst. 

ARC analysts put extensive research and creativity into their presentations.  Used to advise clients on strategic direction in ARC's world renowned Strategy Forums, these presentations are focused on the cutting-edge issues in enterprise, industrial internet of things, and automation systems.  They are available for viewing by our Advisory Service clients on the Client Portal.  With appropriate annotation, our clients have permission to use these slides in their presentations.  Now, your search for the 'perfect slide' will be easier.

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