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Join ARC’s community of industrial technology users by subscribing to ARC’s Corporate Advisory Service (CAS).  Service Members can take advantage of many activities and events designed to facilitate learning and sharing with other users.  Monthly web meetings, quarterly events crafted around member-requested themes, an annual end users-only meeting, and participation in the annual ARC Industry Forum are among the many peer-to-peer networking opportunities available to members.  In addition, members have access to ARC research, benchmarking, and selection guides, as well as ARC’s thought leading and widely respected analysts.

ARC’s Corporate Advisory Service is designed for organizations that are users of all types of software, hardware, automation and optimization systems.  This includes all types of industrial organizations such as chemical companies, food & beverage companies, municipalities, utilities, oil & gas companies, automotive companies, industrial machine makers, mining companies, metals companies, and many other similar organizations.  Although many benefits derive from peer-to-peer interactions among users, the Corporate Advisory Service for Users also provides access to ARC’s broader global community that includes industry associations, vendors, consultants, service providers, partner organizations, media outlets, and others.

Digital Transformation

The digital transformation of industry, infrastructure, and cities is under way.  Driven by the realization that new technologies can enable new business processes, services, and competitive strategies, organizations of all types are pursuing digital transformation programs.  It’s a strategic response to the threat of disruption by a new or existing competitor that has figured out how to turn technology into competitive advantage.

Digital TransformationMost industrial organizations already have a digital transformation program under way.  It’s true across all industries and among companies of all sizes.  It’s happening because many potentially disruptive digital technologies have emerged in recent years, carrying with them the implied promise of significant change.  And many of these technologies have moved beyond hype and use cases, practices, and solutions are becoming known and available.  Vendors have moved through the usual stages, first largely dismissing the technologies, then adding them to their roadmaps (and marketing materials), before finally incorporating them in products and solutions.  This adds pressure for organizations to do something about digitization.  Users would like to understand what others have tried, and what works and what doesn’t.  They want to benefit from the experience of others.  That’s a key benefit of joining the ARC community by subscribing to the Corporate Advisory Service for Users

Widespread digital transformation will continue to accelerate and evolve for some time.  Every organization will need to innovate, change, and adapt.

So, where to begin? How can organizations determine which technologies and techniques to consider, which to prioritize, and which to reject?  The answer will certainly be different for each organization, but a good starting point is to understand the critical dimensions of the problem, because this can serve as the basis for planning.

There are four dimensions that any organization must consider when developing a digital transformation strategy: targets & outcomes, technologies, change & impacts, and management issues.

Critical Topics

Based on input from our user community, ARC is currently working with members to identify leading strategies and practices, and to develop content that enables users to efficiently determine effective strategies in the following areas:

  • ARC Advisory Services Video.jpgCybersecurity:  Cyber threats must be countered in edge devices, networks, control systems, cloud platforms, IT systems, and more.
  • Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and Advanced Analytics:  Solutions, Skills, and Scaling Strategies
  • 21st Century Automation Systems: OPA and other contemporary approaches to control and automation systems
  • 21st Century Plant Software:  Cloud platforms and microservices, MES, etc.
  • High-Impact Technologies:  Additive Manufacturing, Virtual Reality, Blockchain, Digital Twins, Robotics, etc.
  • Asset Performance Management:  Predictive Maintenance, EAM, Reliability, Condition Monitoring, Asset Integrity, etc.
  • IT/OT Issues:  Organizational strategies and practices, IT technologies for the plant, insights about plant operating needs for IT Executives, etc.

Certain members in our community have quite a bit of knowledge and experience in one or more of these areas, and ARC can help you find them.  Additional insight is available through ARC’s experienced team of analysts and consultants.  We also offer facilitated meetings as well as personal contact and expert consultation customized to your specific needs.


Key Deliverables

You can gain from ARC's community and thought leadership through our Corporate Advisory Service.  Members are provided with many opportunities to learn and share with members of other user organizations through peer-to-peer networking.  An annual subscription includes these deliverables for one year:

Direct Access to Top ARC Analysts

Advisory Service clients enjoy direct and immediate telephone and email access to all of ARC's industry experts.  The senior ARC consultant assigned to your account, backed by ARC's entire research team, will be an invaluable addition to your staff.  You can get answers to questions on emerging technologies, enterprise applications, plant automation, as well as strategic issues.  Here are some examples of questions you can ask our analysts:

  • What technologies and products fit my industry and should be adopted?
  • How should I go about selecting suppliers?
  • What type of partnership contract should I sign?
  • What method should I use to cost justify my projects?
  • Which technologies provide the best ROI?

ARC can provide an impartial expert viewpoint to help you make strategic decisions.  Advisory Service clients also receive preferential rates and priorities for consulting services covering a wide range of activities including vendor qualification, executive technology briefings, product specification, strategic planning, alliances, acquisitions, and market research.

ARC's market research efforts give us a unique perspective and ability to answer wide ranging questions.  As an Advisory Service client you will be able to tap into a wealth of product knowledge and industry experience for assistance in making your strategic decisions.  If you are involved in the planning, budgeting, specification, or selection of automation products and enterprise applications, ARC can help you make informed, cost-saving decisions.

Peer Networking

Members can take advantage of activities and events designed to facilitate learning and sharing with other users.  What are other companies doing?  What has worked, and what has not?  Are any others using a particular emerging technology?  How?  What lessons were learned along the way?  Has anyone moved from pilot project to scale?  How were workforce issues managed?  How was a business outcome assured?  

Monthly User-Only Web Meetings

Each monthly web meeting focuses on a topic selected by the community.  Real case stories are usually featured, along with an analyst perspective.  The sessions are interactive by design, and a good way to discover how others are tackling difficult issues. 

Quarterly Regional User Meet-ups

Local regional meet-ups are a good way to meet face to face with others who share an interest in a particular topic.  These half-day meetings are built around member experiences, facilitated discussions, and peer-to-peer sharing.

Annual Meeting

Join the annual gathering of industrial organizations such as chemical companies, food & beverage companies, municipalities, utilities, oil and gas companies, automotive companies, industrial machine makers, mining companies, metals companies, and many other similar organizations.  Share ideas and learn from others, and help select the critical topics to be explored in the coming year.  Vendors are excluded. 

ARC Industry Forum Tickets

ARC hosts annual Industry Forums around the world in the US, Europe, and Asia.  The annual ARC Industry Forum, held in Orlando in early February, is the industry’s premier networking and information gathering event.  This is the place to discover the latest trends and technologies, see what key vendors have developed, compare notes with other industrial companies, and catch up with old friends.  In addition, ARC conducts several Executive Forums each year around the world.  These Forums are designed to provide a strategic vision to help industry executives follow the direction of the industry, as well as provide a technology focus for IT, supply chain, engineering, maintenance, and operational managers. 

ARC Advisory Service clients receive free tickets which can be used for any of ARC's Forums.  Please visit our Upcoming Events section for information on upcoming ARC Industry Forums.

Weekly ARC Insights and Views

ARC Insights and Views are delivered weekly or as news happens to not only alert you to important events, but also to provide ARC's unique perspective on the impact they will have on the industry.

The dynamic nature of the industrial market can cause changes with immediate impact on your enterprise and automation projects or plans.  ARC Insights and Views alert you to important events and trends, with analysis on its impact and recommendations for success.  Breaking information can be the difference between costly mistakes or profitable new approaches.

ARC Insights and Views are delivered weekly in PDF format to all Advisory Service clients.  They are also available on-line in the Client Only Portal.

Monthly Report, Guide, Podcast or Video

ARC Best Practices Reports and Selection Guides are easy to read, yet packed with valuable information.  The reports are praised by Advisory Service clients as being worth the price of the service in themselves.   ARC Best Practice reports identify the best practices used by the leading manufacturing companies related to specific topics of interest to our clients.

What technologies should you adopt and what suppliers should you work with to help position your company to take advantage of the latest round of technology changes while prioritizing your investments wisely?  ARC Technology Evaluation and Selection Guides can help a technology selection team find common ground, with lower risk and in far less time.  This service includes a number of complimentary selection guides of your choice depending on the level of your service.

The reports are delivered monthly in PDF format to all Advisory Service clients.  They are also available on-line in the Client Only Portal. 

On-line Access to ARC Research

A subscription to ARC's Advisory Services includes access to a collaborative, on-line resource dedicated to ARC's clients.  ARC's Client Portal contains a vast amount of information based on extensive research conducted over the past decade.  This includes all weekly and monthly reports, ARC Forum presentations, and more.  Specific information can be easily found via the site's powerful search capabilities.

For me, since I’m from the pharma industry, coming to the ARC forum gives me a chance to interact with folks in like roles from different industries. It’s been very valuable for me to bring ideas and new connections back to my company and apply them to our business.

Eli LillyKevin Fulton
Director of Engineering
Eli Lilly

Asset Performance Management

Asset Performance Management is high on the agenda of executives in industry, energy, and every other enterprise where success depends upon complex equipment. They want top performance from all of their facilities across a wide range of KPIs including revenue, safety, compliance, quality, energy, and operating costs. They also expect new facilities and major upgrades to be consistently delivered on budget and on schedule so that market opportunities can be exploited.

Asset Performance Management (APM) systems act to optimize the performance of physical assets in their operating ecosystem. By leveraging data from connected assets and applying digital models, advanced analytics and machine learning, APM solutions seek to intelligently improve asset reliability and availability while reducing risk and cost. APM orchestrates operations and maintenance to meet dynamic business and production goals.

Evolution of Asset Management Strategies

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