ARC Europe

Since 1999, ARC has established its European headquarters in Dusseldorf, Germany.  ARC has several offices across Europe, located throughout Germany, Belgium, and France.  ARC European analysts cover a wide range of topics including Industrie 4.0, smart machinery, sensors, automation, plant and enterprise software. 

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Scenarios of Impact of Corona Virus on Automation Markets and Supply Chains

Sensors for the Age of Industrial IoT

ARC Europe Viewpoints

Chantal Polsonetti — Company and Product News

Nokia to Lead the EU’s 6G Project Hexa-X

Nokia is identified as the overall project leader for the 6G project Hexa-X, the European Commission’s 6G flagship initiative for research that will drive the overall 6G vision.
Sharada Prahladrao — Industry Trends

Asset Performance Management for Construction

Mindtree’s digital transformation initiative covers all the critical functions of an organization.  Latest technologies, such as asset performance management for construction, advanced analytics, artificial intelligence, and geospatial technologies are used to monitor the entire supply chain and construction quality.