Best Practice Surveys for Industrial Transformation

We encourage you to become a part of ARC's Research Community.  ARC's industrial transformation best practices survey analysis provides an external viewpoint to give you a clear understanding of how your company compares with others.  Take a survey and receive a free copy of the aggregated results.  All our surveys are designed to take less than ten minutes.  To take a survey, please click on the survey title below.  

What Surveys Can Do for You

ARC’s best practice surveys are designed to help you evaluate the performance of your applications, business processes, and/or organizational structure relative to your peers in industry.  This understanding will help you allocate resources, set priorities, and ultimately achieve competitive advantage. 

These surveys will help you understand what the adoption of current technology and business trends are.  By comparing yourself to others, you can improve your strategies and investments in the future.  Note that many of these will provide you instant results so you can see how you compare with your peers!

Your participation and responses will remain strictly confidential including your company name. 

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