Operations Continuity Planning

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Many companies have business continuity plans to mitigate the effects of unanticipated events such as severe weather, supply chain disruptions, etc. It is not always clear how such plans extend into manufacturing operations. ARC Advisory Group would like to learn more and invites you to take 10 minutes to fill out this survey.  Note: When you click on "Done" you will see results instantly!

Topics covered in the survey include:

  • How often are plans activated?
  • How frequently are plans reviewed?
  • What are the top reasons to activate a continuity plan?
  • What situations are plans designed for?

Who Should Take this Survey?

Anyone involved in industrial operations planning as well as those responsible for strategy associated with contingency plans for a company, division or plant should consider taking this survey.  (If you are not a manufacturer/producer, please answer as your customer would.)

ARC Advisory Group conducts this survey to allow you to Benchmark your operations contingency planning practices with your peers.

Privacy and Confidentiality

This survey requests information about your own experiences and observations. ARC will keep all individual responses confidential, and only aggregate information will be used in any reports.

Benefits of Participating

ARC thanks you very much in advance for taking this survey and looks forward to sharing the results with you, once the report has been published.

Please contact Eric Cosman at [email protected] if you have questions about this survey

Survey with instant results can be found at Operations Continuity Planning