ABB Launches IoT Dashboard for Mid-Sized Commercial Building Automation Solutions

By Ralph Rio

Company and Product News

ABB has launched its new IoT Dashboard to help improve usability and reduce maintenance in smart buildings.  Reportedly easy to commission, simple to install and intuitive to use, the new IoT Dashboard from ABB allows stronger control, monitoring and automation of all building functions, from dimming and switching of lights to controlling blinds, heating and ventilation.

The dashboard is easy to use, giving electrical installers with no pre-knowledge of dashboards or visualization a simple route into smart building dashboard solutions.

Pre-programmed frames make it easy to configure the dashboard and deliver quick results. The addition of the KNX standard drives interoperability and makes it ideal for use in all commercial building types. The dashboard Page Link also allows installers to integrate Website User Interfaces from other devices, such as ABB EQmatic, to provide greater visibility on the building’s status e.g. energy consumption.

Part of ABB’s cloud-enabled digital offering ABB Ability, the IoT Dashboard can be accessed remotely via a PC or handheld device, allowing users easy access to several facilities from anywhere.  It provides real time information on the status of all automated building solutions, from ventilation to lighting, to security.

IoT Dashboard is a plug and play solution, with pre-defined controls and graphical interface, which allows additional Apps to be downloaded after commissioning from the MyBuildings portal to add wider functionality, including access to Digital Addressable Lighting Interface (DALI) systems.

The addition of LAN-connections in the IoT Dashboard server ensures stronger cybersecurity levels, due to the split of internal and external IP communications. ABB cybersecurity standard and test facilities boost security levels from installation and throughout the lifetime of the solution.

To minimize failure or disruption to the operation of the building, the IoT Dashboard provides push notifications, alerting the user to any potential issues before they arise.

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