ABB’s Strength Virtual Measurement Enables Paper Mills to Optimize Quality with Strength Prediction

By Ralph Rio

Company and Product News

ABB has launched Strength Virtual Measurement, an ABB Ability Performance Service that enables mills to predict strength properties through accurate online measurements – also known as a soft sensor – resulting in a stronger, lighter product that costs less to produce.

The solution, suitable for all grades, works by leveraging machine-learning generated models to produce online strength calculations for one or more properties at a frequency needed to meet machine-specific requirements.  Frequent measurements, with an accuracy that approaches lab results, help operators maintain strength properties closer to their lower limits, reducing raw material usage, increasing machine speed and enabling faster grade changes.

This is delivered through ABB Collaborative Operations, a service that connects production, headquarters, and ABB personnel with remote access to ABB digital technologies, data analytics, and domain expertise, providing them with the right information to keep operations running.  It incorporates ongoing performance monitoring, enabling optimization actions to be implemented in real time to improve the accuracy and robustness of online strength calculations.

Strength Virtual Measurement integrates seamlessly with third-party systems and ABB offerings, including ABB distributed and quality control systems, ABB L&W Autoline, and other ABB Ability solutions, providing visibility for precise actions to optimize strength properties.  It is the first of several new Virtual Measurement soft sensor solutions to be released during 2020 and forms part of the ABB Ability Performance Service for paper mills suite, focusing on maximizing equipment and process efficiency.



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