AVEVA Launches Operations Control Software through User-Centric Flexible Model

By Craig Resnick

Company and Product News

AVEVA announced that it will be making its Operations Control software solutions available as a single subscription for the first time. This represents a change for many users of industrial software going beyond HMI and SCADA, which can help to enable industrial organizations of all sizes to develop more collaborative workforces, scale more effectively, and further optimize operations for agility and efficiency.

From IIoT architectures and cloud-driven remote edge management to multi-site supervisory control, AVEVA Operations Control software will be available via a more flexible user-centric model through the AVEVA Flex Subscription program in three core packages: Edge, Supervisory, and Enterprise. These core solutions provide the tools for plant, field, control room, and enterprise teams to help drive actionable information, collaborate more effectively, and further accelerate operational excellence. The program also offers access to add-on functionality with AVEVA Manufacturing Execution and AVEVA Insight for more advanced AI and workflow management. AVEVA’s new Operations Control software subscriptions now allow end customers to use all of its products as they choose.

AVEVA Operations Control offers a wide range of options for companies to connect operations and workers via the cloud, web, and mobile to help drive efficiency through collaboration and standardization. It delivers supervisory, visualization, collaboration, and analytics software in a single combined subscription, which provides access to actionable information.  This helps to empower teams on the plant floor, in the control room, or operating across the enterprise to do more in collaborative alignment. Customers can build a more reliable foundation towards operational excellence with AVEVA Operations Control.

AVEVA offers a single subscription program that spans edge-to-cloud solutions for plant operations. The AVEVA Flex subscription program is designed to provide access to the entire AVEVA portfolio, which helps to enable customers to more flexibly drive more sustainable growth. It helps companies to achieve a faster return-on-investment by removing traditional barriers to software adoption and changing the way industrial software is purchased and consumed.  The subscription model helps to enable greater simplicity in license purchasing, usage and management, which can aide and speed up and organization’s digital transformation.

In the FY21 fiscal year, AVEVA reported strong subscriptions growth as businesses sought greater access to digital transformation enabling technology on a more flexible and agile basis. According to ARC Advisory Group, the sales growth rate of subscription-based software is predicted to increase at a pace nearly four times that of sales growth rate of traditional licensed-based software over the next five years in the industrial automation markets.

Craig Resnick, ARC Advisory Group, commented: “ARC anticipates that the subscription model growth rate will be significantly higher than the traditional licensing model growth rate for purchasing HMI/SCADA solutions going forward. This shift towards the subscription model is driven by a number of factors, including the market seeking single converged solutions, such as HMI/SCADA and asset performance management, that deliver great flexibility together with edge-to-cloud integration, a capability that AVEVA can deliver today as part of its AVEVA Flex subscription program.”

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