Bayshore Networks Announces New SCADAwall

By Larry O'Brien

Company and Product News

Bayshore Networks, a provider of active cybersecurity solutions to protect the safety and integrity of industrial and critical infrastructure networks, announces the release of SCADAwall, a new hardware device that provides safe, non-routable, one-way data transfer from trusted sources in-plant to untrusted destinations, such as corporate IT and other outside business destinations.  The transfer is completed via data diode functionality – essentially providing an airgap bridge.  SCADAwall physically separates, secures, and isolates sensitive equipment in the trusted plant zone from risk of internet exposure or malicious activity while allowing critical plant data to flow into corporate business systems.

Data diodes, also called “unidirectional” gateways, are one of the strongest security controls available to organizations who want to transfer data from trusted to untrusted domains.  Data diodes apply hardware-enforced one-way communication, isolating the trusted network from all forms of inbound connections.  Data diodes are routinely used to protect and isolate government networks with differing security levels that need to exchange data.  They are also used in large, regulated industries, such as nuclear power plants, electric utilities, and others.

However, data diodes are not without their challenges.  These include high cost for the technology, relatively low bandwidth compared to typical networking technologies, including thirty to forty percent available bandwidth due to retransmission methods.  Also, industrial organizations have notoriously small budgets, and the use of tools that create network choke points, or are otherwise prohibitively expensive, tend to cause those considering data diodes to abandon the possibility due to not being able to justify the cost/performance benefit.

SCADAwall data diode technology is extremely affordable for industrial organizations of all sizes.  In most cases, a one-gigabit SCADAwall device is less than half the price of competing 100-megabit devices.  Key features include:

  • Easier to bridge the airgap without burdensome security measures
  • File transfers and server replication from trusted to untrusted networks with guaranteed delivery and provable file validation
  • Hardware-enforced one-way only communication - no network connectivity back into the trusted plant environment
  • Bandwidth-efficient, does not use bandwidth-intensive retransmission methods
  • High performance, 1 gigabit/sec with content-inspection and policy enforcement for data in-transit
  • Budget friendly, very high price-performance ratio
  • 2x1U 19” rack-mountable hardware delivered pre-loaded with software and with hardware dongles for secure management.


SCADAwall is available now, with shipments available by July 15, 2020.

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