Bayshore Networks Webinar on Unidirectional Gateways

By Larry O'Brien

Industry Trends

Bayshore Networks recently announced its SCADAwall unidirectional gateway.  On June 24, the company will be hosting a webinar on how unidirectional gateways can enable better cybersecurity.  The webinar will air twice on June 24.  To register for the 7 AM EST webinar you can click here.  To register for the 2 PM EST webinar please click here.  From the webinar page:

“How do you retrieve logs, replicate databases, or read data into your SCADA tools while enforcing a physically isolated segmentation strategy for your plant and other sensitive areas of your sites? Email, USB, or other media are risky choices and can also slow down processing.”

Toby Weir-Jones, Chief Product Officer at Bayshore Networks, will discuss many aspects of unidirectional gateways, including:

•    The continuum of trusted v untrusted segments
•    How exactly can you replicate data from trusted to untrusted zones without a network?
•    How to increase business utility without increasing risk?

Attendees will receive the new Bayshore whitepaper “The Business Case for SCADAwall Industrial Airgap Bridge” following the event as our thank you for attending.

Bayshore Networks Webinar

7 AM EST Webinar Registration: 

2 PM EST Webinar Registration: 

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