Bentley Acceleration Initiatives Announces Acquisition of, a Supplier of Water and Environmental Monitoring

By Ralph Rio

Acquisition or Partnership

Bentley Acceleration Initiatives announced the acquisition of, provider of a leading cloud-based environmental Internet of Things (IoT) platform. Bentley Acceleration Initiatives is the strategic investment fund and incubator initiative of Bentley Systems. The acquisition of will help Bentley augment its infrastructure IoT offerings, expand its footprint Environmental Monitoringin the Australia, New Zealand, and Asia Pacific regions, and add to its capabilities of providing evergreen infrastructure digital twins globally. is known for their highly configurable and customizable cloud-based environmental IoT platform serving water and met-ocean, meteorological and mesonet, air and noise, and construction related applications. The platform processes data from a multitude of environmental IoT sensors and generates valuable insights. Customizable dashboards offer a flexible way for systems integrators and consultants to develop insights about the performance of the assets under their charge and provide increasing value to asset owners. complements the IoT technologies that Bentley previously acquired, including sensemetrics and Vista Data Vision. The combination of’s customizable monitoring platform with sensemetrics’ end-user-focused applications and Vista Data Vision’s self-hosted solution will help create a more holistic infrastructure IoT offering. Their complementary features will accelerate the creation of vertical monitoring apps for targeted asset types, as well as enable systems integrators and consultants to build meaningful, profitable practices around IoT.

The acquisition also marks Bentley’s first step into the environmental monitoring market.’s expertise in the industry positions Bentley to better serve users in this new area.

Bentley Acceleration Initiatives was launched in 2020 by Bentley Systems as part of the BSY Investments group. Their main charter is to accelerate the creation and curation of infrastructure digital twins, and to foster related technologies and innovations. This is accomplished by nurturing new ventures, acquiring, and expanding digital integrators, making minority investments through Bentley iTwin Ventures, and partnering with other BSY Investment companies, like Cohesive.

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