China Releases Work Plan to Spur Industrial Internet Development

By Chantal Polsonetti

Company and Product News

On June 7, China's Ministry of Industry and Information Technology released a work plan to spur the development of the China Releases Work Planindustrial internet as the country pursues economic upgrading and transformation.

The plan listed specific tasks for 2021, including deepening "5G + industrial internet," pushing the upgrading of the business network, and accelerating the network renovation of industrial equipment.

By December, China aims to categorize 10 key fields for "5G + industrial internet," list 20 application scenarios, and formulate a development index for the industry.

China has attached great importance to the development of its "5G + industrial internet" strategy.

This year's government work report has pledged efforts to develop the industrial internet to help medium-sized, small and micro enterprises improve their capacity to innovate.

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