ClearBlade and Phoenix Contact Partner to Power Critical Infrastructure

By Chantal Polsonetti

Acquisition or Partnership

ClearBlade and Phoenix Contact announce a partnership that delivers field IoT and Edge solutions via Intelligent Assets. Together, the two companies can provide a full solution including hardware, connectivity, edge, and cloud services. The collaboration shortens time to deployment and, most importantly, time to value.

Phoenix Contact brings proven industrial hardware and domain knowledge to address the operational process needs and field application tasks. The breadth of products and existing industry-compliant solutions solve application challenges the right way the first time. ClearBlade’s leading Intelligent Assets application makes connecting that hardware a simple task. The application allows end-users, operators, and analysts to configure their applications in a no-code manner that makes IIoT easy.

The solution provides 100% remote monitoring that breathes life into legacy SCADA systems and makes new sensors plug-and-play, while providing a clear path for digital transformation.

The value continues beyond the initial deployments. The companies provide a shared support model ensuring certified gateways for Intelligent Assets, a clear support agreement for critical service level agreement (SLA), and an agreement to continue product innovation into the future. The pricing is simple for end users wishing to purchase a single bundle of devices with the option to include a subscription for built-in connectivity over cellular, satellite, or LPWAN.


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