Cloudera Acquires Verta's Operational AI Platform to Accelerate the Path to Enterprise AI  

Author photo: Jim Frazer
ByJim Frazer
Acquisition or Partnership

Cloudera, the data company for trusted enterprise AI, announced it has deepened its AI expertise with its acquisition of Verta's Operational AI Platform. The Verta team will join Cloudera's machine learning group, reporting to Chief Product Officer, Dipto Chakravarty.

With the addition of Verta, Cloudera has further solidified its position in the competitive AI landscape, acquiring world-renowned talent and technology in AI and ML. The Verta team will draw on their collective expertise to help drive Cloudera's AI roadmap and enable the company to effectively anticipate the needs of its global customer base.

Operational AI Platform

In addition to providing significant AI expertise, Verta's hybrid and multi-cloud end-to-end AI platform will fuel Cloudera's ability to serve growing AI demand across its global user base. Founded on research conducted at MIT by Dr. Manasi Vartak, Verta's former CEO, and then further developed with Dr. Conrado Miranda, Verta's former CTO, Verta was a pioneer in model management, serving, and governance for predictive and generative AI (GenAI). It addresses one of the biggest hurdles in AI deployments by enabling organizations to effectively build, operationalize, monitor, secure, and scale models across the enterprise.

Verta's technology simplifies the process of turning datasets into custom retrieval-augmented generation applications, enabling any developer—no matter their level of machine learning expertise—to create and optimize business-ready large language models (LLMs). These features—along Verta's genAI workbench, model catalog, and AI governance tools—will enhance Cloudera's platform capabilities as it continues to deliver on the promise of enterprise AI for its global customer base.

With 25% of the world's data under management, Cloudera is a true hybrid open data lakehouse that brings analytics and AI to business data, on-premises and in multiple clouds, while providing unified governance and security. Cloudera's open data lakehouse is the foundation for building and deploying AI applications, including chatbots, document summarization, and code generation. Cloudera enables customers to manage data throughout its entire lifecycle, making it easy for them to use it with LLMs and achieve industry firsts or industry bests.

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