Dynamic Digital Twin to be Deployed by Kongsberg Digital

By Constanze Schmitz

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Kongsberg Digital has signed an agreement to deploy Dynamic Digital Twin technology at the Norwegian Nyhamna facility for gas processing and exporting.

The Nyhamna plant is a large processing and export hub owned by the Nyhamna Joint Venture in the Norwegian county Møre and Romsdal.  The facility serves several gas fields and has been in operations since 2007.  Initially, it was built as a land facility for processing and exporting gas from the Shell-operated Ormen Lange field.  Yet, after a significant upgrade, the plant is also able to process gas from other fields in the Norwegian Sea connected to the Polarled pipeline.  Now a major hub for gas processing, Nyhamna exports gas to UK and continental Europe through the Langeled pipeline.

Kongsberg Digital, a subsidiary of Kongsberg, has signed an agreement to digitalize the Nyhamna facility.  A/S Norske Shell is entering the partnership as operator of Ormen Lange and on behalf of Gassco as the operator of Nyhamna. The first stage of the delivery is set for fall 2019.

Dynamic Digital Twin

Digital Twin Technology for Oil & Gas

Kongsberg will utilize the Kognifai Dynamic Digital Twin to establish a dynamic virtual representation of the gas plant and its behavior. The twin will be continuously updated with integrated information reflecting the status of the facility in real time. As Technical Service Provider at Nyhamna, Shell will be equipped with the ability to simulate scenarios and uncover new options for optimization of its real-life counterpart.

The Kognifai Dynamic Digital Twin is an integrated digital solutions tool for oil and gas facilities. It is used to optimize and reduce the time and cost of commissioning, operating, planning, and designing assets, and improves performance through data driven operations.

Business benefits of digital twin technology for oil & gas industry include real-time view of a facility, its processes and production. Physical models and machine learning algorithms provide virtual sensors and insight into the non-instrumented part of a facility and can be leveraged to spin up and manage model instances to perform What-If analysis, scenario analysis, and to uncover the best options for optimization.

These capabilities can be used at existing assets to increase production, manage power consumption, and reduce carbon footprint; and to verify and robustify plans, designs and constructions of new assets or modifications of existing facilities. Virtual collaboration and common situational awareness across disciplines can drive down maintenance and operating cost and enable remotely operated assets and efficient operations centers.

The partnership between Shell and Kongsberg to develop a dynamic digital twin of the Nyhamna facility will be based on an open and collaborative business model, thus entailing opportunities for future collaboration and deployment of dynamic digital twin technology at other assets.

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