Explore New Technologies to Help Bridge the IT-OT Cybersecurity Gap at ARC Forum Feb. 9

By Larry O'Brien

Technology Trends

Day 2 of our cybersecurity tracks at the ARC Forum features a full-length workshop headed up by industry leaders that explores new technologies to help bridge the divide between IT and OT cybersecurity organizations.  The session takes place on Tuesday, Feb. 9 at 3 PM EDT.  You can download the full agenda here for the Industry Forum, which takes place Feb 8-11.  You can register for the Forum here and view the main landing page for the forum here.  

Even though the ARC Industry Forum is offered virtually this year, we have worked hard to bring you the same excellent industrial cybersecurity content and knowledge from leaders in manufacturing, industry, and critical infrastructure.  You will not find a better place to bring yourself up to speed on what the best companies in the industry are doing to protect their employees, assets, and infrastructure from cybersecurity attacks and vulnerabilities.  We blogged about the Monday Cybersecurity Workshops earlier, which includes speakers from DHS/CISA, Dragos, and ISA.  

IT OT Convergence at ARC Forum

Technology is Crucial to Achieving a Holistic View of IT and OT

Industrial companies are exploring IT-OT Cybersecurity Convergence to address major cybersecurity challenges like lack of resources, sophisticated attacks, and the growing security risks of digital transformation.  But many are struggling to identify the most appropriate model of people, process, and technology convergence for their organization.  They want to understand what peers are doing and the benefits of different approaches.

The goal of this workshop is to help end-users understand what peers are doing with respect to IT-OT cybersecurity technology convergence.  This is accomplished through a moderated discussion among end-users who will address some of the major challenges and lessons learned in their efforts to converge IT and OT endpoint, network, and cybersecurity management technologies.  Session attendees will be given the opportunity to participate in the discussion through polls and questions to the panelists.  

Leaders and decision-makers in IT, automation, operations, product development, business improvement, and city planning can all benefit from this program.  They will gain a solid understanding of IT-OT cybersecurity convergence challenges and actions they can take to ensure a smooth integration of their own cybersecurity programs.  

The session will be moderated by ARC Vice President of Cybersecurity Services Sid Snitkin.  Panelists for this session include:

Jeff Nalazek of Dow.  In his current role, Jeff is focused on standardizing the implementation and management of cybersecurity controls for all Level 2 systems globally.  Jeff has 31 years of experience with Dow.  Early in his career, his roles included automated testing of industrial control systems and local area network design.  He next moved into a role where he developed standards, automated build tools, and an integration methodology to roll out a commercial distributed control system to Dow production facilities globally.  

Eric Devoy of BP.  Eric focuses on securing bp’s industrial/automation assets globally.  In this role, he is responsible for the digital security strategy and architecture needed to protect all bp’s automation systems and industrial control assets from cyber threats.  

Jeff Aiken of BASF Jeff has been employed with BASF since 1996 where he’s held various systems infrastructure and cybersecurity positions.  He currently holds the position of Senior Automation Security Engineer in the Engineering Technical Expertise (TE) Organization responsible for ICS Cyber Security for the North American region.

Jarrett Lawrence of  ExxonMobil.  Jarrett partners with upstream, downstream, midstream, engineering, and corporate business functions to define and implement industrial technology strategies, roadmaps, and solutions.  His primary focus is to ensure these integrated architectures provide fit for risk, cost-effective, and sustainable capabilities.  

Dan Rozinski is President of Industrial Cybersecurity and Digital Strategy Associates.  Dan is a senior technology executive expert in Industry 4.0/digital technology and cybersecurity for manufacturing and engineering operations.  He has delivered strategies that combine people, processes, and technology to achieve business objectives while controlling cyber risk.

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