GE Digital’s New Proficy Operations Hub 1.5 Delivers Centralized Data Visualization

By Craig Resnick

Company and Product News

GE Digital unveiled Proficy Operations Hub 1.5 to provide users with a centralized environment that helps to enable greater operational efficiency and collaboration within industrial organizations.  Proficy Operations Hub 1.5 allows users to monitor industrial applications under one dashboard, aggregating data and processes for more simplified plant operations.  The new solution also supports more rapid application development with code-free development tools and richer displays for faster operational response.

Proficy Operations Hub 1.5 from GE Digital, helps users to make better decisions based on real-time and historical plant-wide application data collected from tools across an organization’s portfolio of data historians and manufacturing execution systems (MES), independent of location.  By centralizing applications under one interface, users can monitor operations, review data and make critical adjustments in real time.

Among the features of Proficy Operations Hub 1.5 are an out-of-the-box Trend Analysis application to help improve root cause detection and collaborative analysis by providing ad hoc trending and KPI dashboards from Proficy Historian data.  Proficy Operations Hub 1.5 also includes data analysis in model context with features, such as query by model and flat tags, favorites, annotations, multiple slider support, and statistics.

GE Digital applications, Proficy Plant Applications 8.0 and Proficy Historian 8.0 are integrated into Proficy Operations Hub 1.5.  Users have the ability to build their own screens using the widgets from Plant Applications and Historian and connect them with other data sources.

Proficy Operations Hub 1.5 is now generally available from GE Digital and its network of approved partners.

Craig Resnick, ARC Advisory Group, commented, "It is mandatory today for companies to gain a strong foundation for insights into their operations and productivity, a critical step in their journey to digital transformation”.

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