IEEE and ARC Webcast: Exploring Electrical Energy Systems in Smart Cities

By Larry O'Brien

Technology Trends

As part of our ongoing series of webinars in cooperation with IEEE for smart cities, ARC analyst Rick Rys will be hosting a session on exploring electrical systems in smart cities tomorrow, 9/24, at 11AM ET.  You can register for the webinar here.  

Public agency leaders, whether city managers, public works directors, or elected officials, need to answer the critical question: “What do I actually do to define and build my Smart City?”

This Webinar will discuss four main topics:

1) What kind of electric grid do we want? Reliability, Cost, Sustainable, Smart, Security

2) What are the current electric grid disruptions? Generation mix, grid stability & control, markets, regulations, technology trends

3) How have electric grids been changing? World & rural electrification, Micro/Nanogrids, energy storage, duck, dragon and shark curves, demand response

4) What will the future electric grid look like? Technology, markets mechanisms, environmental regulations




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