Industry Perspectives on the Future of Process Control Staffing

By Mark Sen Gupta

ARC Report Abstract

Technology is changing and fast.  Labor availability and skillset requirements are changing as well.  Process control personnel makeup and skill-sets have evolved over decades of iterations.  The process industries are challenged to continue to operate efficiently in an increasingly competitive environment.  At the 2017 ARC Industry Forum in Orlando, ARC Advisory Group hosted a roundtable discussion that enabled end users to exchange ideas on the changing responsibilities and skillsets in the operational technology space and discuss strategies to address these challenges.

This session followed a session on rethinking the role of process control in which three end users presented their challenges and thoughts.  After a brief recap of that session, we asked attendees from a diverse set of process industries to consider five questions to spur discussion.

  • What challenges does your organization currently face with regards to process control?  Can you identify the cause(s)?
  • Discuss the “ideal” process control organization.
  • What technologies do you see helping address your challenges? (Such as analytics, tools, and advanced apps.)  Which ones and how? What business processes have changed?
  • How have you engaged with HR (human resources) to address the problem?  What successes have you experienced?  What are your big-gest concerns?
  • How have you engaged with your suppliers to address the problem?   What are your biggest concerns?



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