Infosys Launches Cyber Next Platform-Based Offerings, Powered by Microsoft Azure Sentinel

By Ralph Rio

Company and Product News

Infosys announced the launch of its Cyber Next platform-based offerings, powered by Microsoft Azure Sentinel.  These offerings will help enterprises enhance security monitoring, management, threat detection, and response services.

The Microsoft Azure Sentinel is a cloud-native Security Information and Event Management (SIEM), Security Orchestration, Automation and Response (SOAR) solution that detects, prevents and responds to data threats across the enterprise.  With Azure Sentinel’s advanced AI and security analytics features, this strategic partnership with Microsoft will boost Infosys’ threat detection and response capabilities.

These offerings will help Infosys enhance its Cyber Next Platform to deliver a comprehensive Managed Security Solution to its clients.  This includes round-the-clock monitoring, lifecycle management and incident investigations, coupled with real-time threat intelligence for SIEM data enrichment.  This will be delivered via a globally distributed network of Cyber Defense Centers, staffed with platform experts and skilled security analysts. Infosys’ extensive security operations, managed security service capabilities, and a rich library of use cases, play books and pre-defined rules for ready ITSM integration, will help clients optimize Security Operations Center (SOC) efficiency and maturity.

The strategic Infosys and Microsoft collaboration combines the strength of Microsoft’s portfolio and Infosys’ service-based offerings to help enterprises effectively profile risks, prioritize, and manage threats comprehensively.

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