Infosys Launches Infosys Cortex and Infosys Cobalt

By Ralph Rio

Company and Product News

Infosys Cortex to Humanize Customer Experience, Empower Agents and Drive Intelligent Operations for Enterprises

Infosys announced the launch of Infosys Cortex, its customer engagement platform.  The platform leverages technology from Genesys, a global leader in cloud customer experience and contact center solutions, along with Contact Center AI services from Google Cloud and its managed artificial intelligence (AI) and analytics services.

Infosys Cortex helps businesses reimagine customer care operations by providing intelligence to aid purposeful customer communication, smarter and faster decision-making, and deliver value at scale.  Using the power of cloud and a modular microservices based architecture, it helps enterprises achieve up to 40 percent faster and more effective agent hiring and learning.  It also brings up to 30 percent improvement in agent performance with training before operationalizing the contact center.  Furthermore, Infosys Cortex drives up to 30 percent improvement in satisfaction for customers through intent prediction and self-service, along with up to 40 percent improvement in operations through cognitive automation and analysis of contextual data across systems using Infosys Data and Analytics Platform powered by Google Cloud.  Infosys’ ability to provide deeper integration in the enterprise by developing and reusing connectors for existing enterprise information systems makes implementation smooth and seamless.

Infosys Cortex will tightly integrate with Genesys Engage, a robust omnichannel engagement solution built on a multicloud architecture.  Together, the solutions will allow organizations to deliver fast, convenient, and personalized interactions at every touchpoint.  In addition, the open architecture of Genesys Engage and a rich ecosystem of tools and capabilities will enable businesses to customize the solution so they can better address the unique challenges and objectives of their industry and customers.

As enterprises prepare for the next normal, Infosys Cortex will help them harness AI services from Google Cloud.  Together with Google AI-powered voicebots, chatbots, interaction analytics, and an industry-leading IVR from Genesys, businesses can shift from being remote-ready to driving digital customer service from anywhere.  They can also grow the effectiveness of their customer care with increased first-call resolution, reduced average handle time, decreased call volume, and improved service-to-sales conversion.



Infosys Cobalt to Democratize AI Within its Workforce and Expand Ability to Drive AI-driven Transformation for Enterprises

Infosys also announced the launch of an Infosys Cobalt offering - its applied AI cloud, built on NVIDIA DGX A100 systems, the universal system for all AI workloads, offering unprecedented compute density, performance, and flexibility.  The powerful new Infosys applied AI cloud will be an AI center of excellence for the company, enabling developers and project teams at Infosys to quickly and easily access AI hardware and software stacks, across both private and public clouds, to build contextualized services that deliver AI-first business processes for enterprises. NVIDIA DGX A100 systems will provide the infrastructure and the advanced compute power needed for over 100 project teams to run machine learning and deep learning operations, simultaneously.  NVIDIA Multi-Instance GPU (MIG) technology will enable Infosys to improve infrastructure efficiency and maximize utilization of each DGX A100 system.  Teams can process AI algorithms centrally or locally on any device, without lag, using Infosys edge AI.

As a service delivery partner in the NVIDIA Partner Network, Infosys will also be able to build NVIDIA DGX A100-powered, on-prem AI clouds for enterprises, providing access to cognitive services, licensed and open source AI software-as-a-service (SaaS), pre-built AI platforms, solutions, models and edge capabilities.  Infosys will enable businesses to harness their own data estates, open source data and curated data exchanges on the cloud to build and train their AI models.  Enterprises can leverage this advantage, along with services delivered by any hyperscale cloud provider to scale and future-proof their AI-powered transformation.

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