Mitsubishi Electric Releases General Purpose Power Inverter Series and Metal Corrosion Sensor Designed for Mounting on PCBs

By Shin Kai

Company and Product News

Mitsubishi Electric Corporation to Release the FR-E800 Series Power Inverters

Mitsubishi Electric Corporation announced that it will release the FR-E800 series power inverters, with a range of 44 new models, on December 9.  The new series, with safety functionality meeting IEC 61508 standards, supports various networks, such as CC-Link IE TSN, a next-generation open industrial network, and make manufacturing smarter in various fields by integrating the corrosive gas environment detection circuit and the AI-based diagnostic functions.  From April 2020, Mitsubishi Electric will release successive new models with safety communication features, such as safely-limited speed, similarly conforming to relevant IEC standards.  The product range will be further expanded to a total of 120 models.

Key features of the new series include:

  1. Various networks supported, enabling smart factories and facilities

Ethernet models and safety communication models support various open industrial networks such as CC-Link IE TSN, Ethernet/IP, and Modbus/TCP. This will contribute to productivity improvement and energy saving at facilities including infrastructure such as air conditioning units and water treatment facilities.

  1. Downtime reduction owing to predictive maintenance and data analysis

Integrating the world's first corrosive gas environment detection circuit makes it possible to identify signs of inverter damage caused by hydrogen sulfide or other corrosive gases, reducing equipment downtime.

The company’s AI technology Maisart is integrated in the inverter setup software FR Configurator. The causes of downtime such as overcurrent caused by bursts of acceleration are analyzed using the industry's first AI-based diagnostic functions, helping to reduce such downtime.

  1. Safety functions to ensure safe operation of equipment (to be supported from April 2020)

The safety of operators is ensured by the incorporation of safety functions conforming to international standards.

The motor speed is calculated based on the current value or other data without using speed detectors when the safely-limited speed function is used. This will contribute to reductions in the use of wiring and to cost savings.



Mitsubishi Electric Develops Metal Corrosion Sensor Designed for Mounting on Printed Circuit Boards

Related news with the development of new inverter series above, Mitsubishi Electric Corporation announced that it has developed what is believed to be the world's first compact metal corrosion sensor small enough to be mounted on printed circuit boards.  The new sensor utilizes metal corrosion monitoring technology developed by Mitsubishi Electric that detects the degree of corrosion of metal components caused by corrosive gases, such as sulfur compounds in the atmosphere.  The deployment of multiple sensors with different levels of corrosion resistance allows the degree of corrosion to be detected in stages, helping to prevent equipment failure.  Mitsubishi Electric plans to deploy the new technology across its own industrial equipment portfolio.


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