New ABB Emission Monitoring System Helps the Maritime Industry Achieve Decarbonization Targets

By Harry Forbes

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In January 2020, the low sulphur and nitrousoxide emission limits in the International Maritime Organization regulations became effective worldwide.  CEMcaptain is an emission monitoring system from ABB designed to help the maritime industry meet these new regulations and become more sustainable.  Its measurement and digital capabilities increase on-board safety, provide process optimization and reduce ownership costs.  By consistently achieving 98 percent and more uptime, the new system not only requires less maintenance effort but also saves time otherwise spent on handling non-compliance issues.

Designed with busy mariners and a regularly changing crew in mind, CEMcaptain is a multi-component analyzer system that continuously provides real-time data offering reliable measurement of emissions with the highest stability.  Operating in even the harshest of conditions, it integrates analyzer modules and sample handling components in a standalone cabinet, making installation easy. 

Equipped with ABB’s Uras26 non-dispersive IR gas analyzer, CEMcaptain simultaneously and continuously measures sulphur dioxide (SO2) and carbon dioxide (CO2) in line with regulation requirements.  Each analyzer has two separate gas paths to allow for continuous CO2/SO2 measurement of separate streams, with up to four different components per analyzer module.

Fast fault reporting, diagnosis and repair are achieved via the on-site and remote digital services that help operators get closer to 100 percent availability for their gas analysis instrumentation.  Dynamic QR codes are integrated into the ABB CEMcaptain system display panel.  All relevant diagnostic information can be collected from the analyzer via a scanned code and transferred to ABB support.  This means that maritime instrumentation technicians can send real-time information to an ABB service expert to get immediate guidance on appropriate maintenance.  

ABB Ability Remote Assistance with secured connectivity direct to ABB support is also offered for real-time solutions to problems. These features reduce the costly training of changing crews as well as the number of experts required on board. They also increase on-board safety by reducing crew exposure to emissions.

CEMcaptain GAA610-M is approved by all major classification societies (DNV GL, ABS Group, Lloyds Register, Bureau Veritas, ClassNK, Korean Register).

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