New CENTERLINE 1500 Motor Control Center Grounding Device from Rockwell Automation

By Craig Resnick

Company and Product News

Rockwell Automation introduced a new UL-approved Integrated Protective Maintenance Grounding (IPMG) device for its Allen-Bradley CENTERLINE 1500 medium voltage motor control centers. The integrated device grounds all load-side connections and load cables with the turn of a handle. This helps to increase workplace safety by eliminating the need to manually attach hazardous temporary grounding cables in a variety of industries, ranging from oil and gas refining operations to food and beverage processing plants.

The IPMG device:

  • Provides a method to ground all load-side connections, including the load cables.
  • Removes the cumbersome and hazardous use of utility-style grounding balls and temporary grounding cable assemblies.
  • Provides the ability to ground the output (load-side connections) without opening the power cell door.
  • More seamlessly integrates into motor control center power cells.

The IPMG device is also available in CENTERLINE motor control centers with ArcShield arc-resistant controller designs.

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