New Linux Foundation Effort to Focus on Data Confidence Fabric to Scale Digital Transformation Initiatives

By Chantal Polsonetti

Company and Product News

The Linux Foundation announced the intent to form Project Alvarium, which will focus on building the concept of a Data Confidence Fabric (DCF) to facilitate measurable trust and confidence in data and applications spanning heterogeneous systems.  The project will be seeded by code from Dell Technologies, with support from industry leaders including Arm, IBM, IOTA Foundation, MobiledgeX, OSIsoft, Unisys, and more.

A DCF, or "trust fabric", is a framework comprised of a variety of technologies that help insert trust into the data path, in turn facilitating the orchestration of trusted AI models and the delivery of data from devices to applications with measurable confidence.  This is critical to scaling digital transformation initiatives that often devolve into a debate of security, privacy and data ownership.

Project Alvarium will foster a community to collaborate on the baseline open source framework and related APIs that bind together the various ingredients that constitute trust fabrics, as well as to define the algorithms that drive confidence scores as data flows through any given implementation.  The project will also seek to collaborate with other important industry efforts as the goal is to unify trust insertion capabilities, not reinvent them.

More details on Project Alvarium, including a video outlining how trust fabrics will transform business models across industries, are available at

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