Rockwell Automation Increases VFD Output Frequency for High-speed Motor Applications

By Craig Resnick

Company and Product News

Rockwell Automation announced new enhancements to its medium voltage PowerFlex 6000T variable frequency drives (VFDs) with TotalFORCE technology that provide high-performance motor control along with real-time operating system data Variable Frequency Drivesthat can help increase productivity and energy savings. These drives are designed to help meet the demanding requirements of manufacturing environments with high-speed motor applications, such as utility, oil, gas, and mining operations, which rely on medium voltage power to drive large industrial motors that are often running 24 hours a day. Rockwell Automation expanded the drive range up to 120 Hz to meet customer demand for greater output frequency range to address the requirements for high-speed industrial applications, including turbines, compressors and pumps.

The PowerFlex 6000T motor controller also offers the new RealSine solution, an option that helps to reduce input harmonics to lower levels. Ranging from 2.4…4.16 kV up to 215 A, each individual secondary winding is specially phase-shifted to achieve 54 or 72 pulse respectively, compared to typical 18 or 24 pulse designs. The new design offers up to 30 percent improvement in total harmonic current distortion at the drive primary side. By reducing harmonic distortion, the VFD helps to improve system efficiency, reduce energy cost and minimize power distribution issues on the factory floor. PowerFlex VFDs are manufactured on four continents and are available globally.

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