Rockwell Extends Industrial Computing Portfolio

By Constanze Schmitz

Company and Product News

In May 2020, Rockwell Automation has acquired ASEM S.p.A., an Italian company operating in the Industrial Automation, Test & Measurement, and Building Automation markets, providing industrial PCs and monitors and HMIs, controls, remote assistance and Industrial IoT gateway solutions.  Through the acquisition, Rockwell Automation has added a Center of Excellence for R&D and manufacturing in Italy, and the ability to offer a high degree of configurability and customization to its customers around the globe.  The products are specifically designed to withstand the conditions of industrial environments, including washdown applications in food processing and life sciences.  The first new products to be made available will include an extensive range of monitors, box PCs, panel PCs, thin clients and remote connectivity products.  Additional new product variants and customization options that will deepen the Rockwell Automation offering for industrial computing will be added over the coming year.

As a result, Rockwell Automation has now announced the introduction of its VersaView 6300 family of Allen-Bradley industrial computers, which will be available starting August 2020.  The launch of the product family represents a considerable extension of the company’s capability for industrial PCs (IPC), human machine interface (HMI), and secure Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) remote access solutions.  VersaView 6300 delivers IIoT data to where decisions are made in smart devices, on machines and across the plant.  It helps improve productivity and efficiency in a Connected Enterprise, particularly at the visualization and data-aggregation point.

Industrial Computing PortfolioThe product family will enable Rockwell Automation to meet growing trends in IPC technology, including offering highly scalable panel PCs, such as the VersaView 6300P, that give machine builders greater flexibility in what can be accessed and managed from a screen.  Meanwhile, as thin clients become a more appealing, secure and effective way of delivering content in a server-based computing architecture, the ThinManager ready design of VersaView 6300T thin clients offer a range of alternatives within the Rockwell Automation ecosystem.  With highly configurable box PCs (VersaView 6300B) and remote access products rounding out the initial launch phase, Rockwell Automation has rapidly and extensively built out its capability to offer world-class IPC hardware to complement its software offering.

The VersaView 6300 family is being made available to purchasers over the next few months, and full technical details and specifications are available now to allow customers the opportunity to factor the new capabilities into ongoing and forthcoming investments.  With the addition of the Center of Excellence for industrial computing solutions, Rockwell can offer full customization capabilities.

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