Schneider Electric Launches EcoStruxure Augmented Operator and Machine Advisor Packages to Drive Digitalization in Singapore SMEs

By Bob Gill

Company and Product News

Targeting small and medium enterprises (SMEs) in Singapore, the SME Jumpstart Automation Package from Schneider Electric enables companies to take advantage of latest technologies in the form of augmented reality and cloud-based remote monitoring to realize efficiencies in the maintenance and management of plant machinery and equipment. 

ARC was on hand to witness the unveiling of the Jumpstart Automation Package at the SME Go Automation Singapore seminar held 21 August held at Schneider Electric’s HQ for East Asia & Japan. At the event, representatives from companies including ARC Advisory Group, iPlast 4.0, Sanwa Plastic ServoConnect Systems and TÜV SÜD PSB presented and discussed opportunities and challenges for SMEs in the era of digitalization. An accompanying exhibition area, the Marketplace, enabled the more than 100 delegates to see the EcoStruxure Augmented Operator Advisor (AOA) and the EcoStruxure Machine Advisor (MA) solutions in action along with the wider portfolio of Schneider Electric’s automation, electrical and digital solutions.    

According to Schneider Electric, only half of the time spent on maintenance is devoted to actual intervention on the equipment; the other half is spent on the non value-added activity of finding information. As such, the augmented reality capability provided by EcoStruxure Augmented Operator Advisor allows users to find critical information faster through features such as display of real-time PLC data and the ability to virtually open electrical cabinet doors. The EcoStruxure AOA Jumpstart Package includes an Android tablet, Windows OS HMI panel, and AR software for 10 sets of scenes. 

With EcoStruxure Machine Advisor, companies are able to monitor and manage machine operations remotely. This real-time visibility enables increase in productivity, reduction of downtime, and optimized use of expert resources. Indeed, at the SME Go Automation Singapore exhibition area, delegates could see live production data and status from machines installed at Schneider Electric’s own manufacturing plant in Batam (Indonesia), which was recently added to the World Economic Forum’s Lighthouse Network of advanced digital factories.   

With cloud-based EcoStruxure Machine Advisor, SMEs can cost-effectively and remotely monitor their machines.


The EcoStruxure MA Jumpstart Package provides for connection to three machines (10 dashboards each) and includes a five-year software subscription. As a cloud-based solution, EcoStruxure Machine Advisor does not require any CAPEX spend on software installation. Both the MA and AOA Advisor Jumpstart Packages also include consultancy and assessment review of an SME’s current state of automation, a site survey, configuration proposal, and user acceptance test.

Vice-President of Industry Automation for Schneider Electric Singapore and Malaysia, Urvil Modi says: “Acceptance and adoption of automation technology amongst SMEs require not just a review of existing operations, but a consistent and concerted effort to drive adoption of these solutions. At Schneider Electric, we see ourselves as an enabler for SMEs to take their first step in automation. A scalable automation package is important to help SMEs ensure that their transformation process is sustainable.”

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