Siemens Acquires Technology Leader in Real-Time Locating System Solutions

By David Humphrey

Acquisition or Partnership

Effective from March 29, 2018, Siemens has taken over ownership of the company Agilion GmbH based in Chemnitz. Agilion is a leading supplier of industrial Real-Time Locating Systems (RTLS) focusing on applications in production, logistics and maintenance. The company is recognized as a pioneer in the field of RTLS in the Ultra Wide Band (UWB) frequency spectrum. This technology enables highly precise localization within a range of just a few centimeters, tracking of a large number of different assets, and exceptionally easy commissioning. The precise real-time localization of assets such as tools or vehicles will enable manufacturers to optimize their production and logistics processes and so improve their quality, productivity and flexibility.

Real-Time Locating System Is Key Technology for Digital Enterprise Portfolio

Uses for RTLS include a wide range of applications in complex environments.  Used in a manufacturing scenario, for instance, it enables precise monitoring of the production process and a transparent material flow. Real-time data made available using RTLS about the location and status of assets forms the basis for networking involved players and logistical processes along the value chain. This allows users to continuously and automatically compare the position of every production asset with the 3D model of the product or production environment.  Evaluation and combination of this "digital twin" with other information – for instance using apps in the open IoT operating system MindSphere – permit dynamic optimization of production and logistics processes.  As a result, processes can be more efficiently controlled, downtimes minimized and the risk of errors reduced. RTLS also provides the foundation for totally new workflows in production, material flow control and logistics, for instance in conjunction with Automatic Guided Vehicles (AGVs) or mobile robots. Reference projects completed for renowned industrial clients around the world testify to the efficiency and maturity of the Agilion locating system.

With its workforce of around 60, Agilion GmbH is a global technology leader in the field of enterprise wireless location solutions for industry and public transport networks in the application fields Industrial Supply Chain Tracking, Vehicle Tracking and People Tracking.  With about 150 installations in more than 20 countries, Agilion has been providing support to all sectors of industry for over 10 years with process optimization and efficient enterprise control based on RTLS real-time locating solutions. Agilion GmbH will be integrated into the Process Industries and Drives Division's industrial communication and identification business.


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