Siemens Signs MoUs on Decarbonization

By Sharada Prahladrao

Industry Trends

Siemens signed a Memorandum of Understanding with NTPC, India’s largest power utility, to identify, evaluate, and set up reference use cases of hydrogen sector-coupling for various upstream and downstream applications.  The collaboration is aimed at developing innovative technologies, solutions, and techniques to reduce the dependence on hydrocarbons in India. 

Siemens signed a separate MoU with TERI for collaboration on technologies to support the energy transition in India, including sector-coupling.  Among the objectives of the MoU with TERI is realizing the research and technology development projects to enable energy transitions across the electricity, transport, and industrial sectors. 

According to Siemens, one of the most important challenges today is the decarbonization of the global ecosystem.  The company takes great pride in collaborating with NTPC and TERI as it believes that technology will be a key contributor towards creating a carbon neutral society in India. This is also a huge step towards the sustainable development of existing and future power systems enabling efficiency, flexibility, and sustainability.

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