STMicroelectronics and Schneider Electric Reveal Prototype People-Counting Solution Using AI

By Craig Resnick

Acquisition or Partnership

STMicroelectronics and Schneider Electric are demonstrating a prototype IoT sensor that helps to enable new building-management services and efficiency gains by better understanding building-occupancy levels and usage.

The two companies have collaborated to integrate Artificial Intelligence (AI) into a people-counting sensor, which helps to overcome the challenge of monitoring attendance in large spaces with multiple entrance points. 

With the digitization of building occupancy, Schneider Electric is following its objective to be a digital partner for sustainability and efficiency to its customers’ by delivering new and important insights, such as queue monitoring, to assist with smart building management while trying to respect individuals’ privacy by design.  This prototype IoT sensor has been developed by combining the experience of ST’s AI group and the sensor-application experience of Schneider Electric to identify and embed a object-detection neural network in a small microcontroller (MCU).

The prototype people-counting sensor combines a LYNRED ThermEye family thermal imager, integrated in a low-power design created by Schneider Electric, with a Yolo-based Neural Network model running on the STM32H723 MCU from ST.

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