Tenable Holdings Inc. Has Acquired Tel Aviv-Based Cybersecurity Company Indegy Ltd.

By Sid Snitkin

Acquisition or Partnership

Tenable, Inc., the Cyber Exposure company, announced that it has acquired Indegy Ltd., a leader in industrial cybersecurity, which provides visibility, security and control across operational technology (OT) environments.

As OT and IT continue to converge, users now have access to even broader visibility, stronger security, and greater control with the combined solutions.  The combination of the Indegy and Tenable platforms creates a unified, risk-based view of IT and OT security.

Together, Tenable and Indegy deliver the following capabilities within a single platform:

  • Risk-based measurement: Score, trend and benchmark IT and OT together in Tenable Lumin, the company’s advanced visualization, analytics and measurement solution for cyber exposure. Organizations can apply a dedicated approach to IT and OT through asset-relevant policies, metrics and KPIs, while leveraging Tenable Lumin to measure IT and OT risk together for more comprehensive decision-making.
  • Unified view of IT and OT vulnerabilities: View and manage OT security issues alongside IT vulnerabilities, from assessment through closed-loop remediation verification. OT vulnerabilities now leverage the power of Tenable Predictive Prioritization, which applies data science to prioritize OT issues for remediation based on the vulnerability and its likelihood of exploitability.
  • Depth of intelligence into OT environments: Indegy brings a deep understanding of the complete OT device, including components from multiple vendors and how they relate to each other, for more accurate and comprehensive management.
  • IT and OT vulnerability assessment: Through its OT device intelligence, Indegy pioneered and patented a safe and non-intrusive way to bring active analysis to OT devices alongside passive monitoring. Indegy’s assessment approach, alongside Tenable’s combination of agent-based scanning, active analysis and passive monitoring, create an accurate and comprehensive vulnerability data set.
  • OT-specific process management: Security and plant operations teams both benefit from Indegy’s OT asset inventory, configuration management and threat detection capabilities, in addition to its vulnerability management.

The Indegy Industrial Cybersecurity Suite integration with Tenable.sc, for on-prem vulnerability management, is available today. The Indegy integration with Tenable.io, for cloud-based vulnerability management, and Tenable Lumin will be available in the first half of 2020.

The transaction was completed for $78 million in cash, subject to customary purchase price adjustments.

Indegy’s financial results are expected to be immaterial to Tenable’s fourth quarter 2019 revenue and current calculated billings performance. The fourth quarter 2019 non-GAAP net loss and non-GAAP net loss per share are expected to increase approximately $2 million and $0.02 per share, respectively.


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