Uptake Partners with RCI to Strengthen Reliability-Centered Maintenance for Asset-Intensive Industries

By Michael Guilfoyle

Acquisition or Partnership

Uptake announced that it has signed a partnership agreement with Reliability Center, Inc. (RCI) to strengthen Reliability-Centered Maintenance in an effort to advance equipment and plant reliability for the Reliability-Centered Maintenanceprocess and asset-intensive industries, including chemical, oil & gas, pulp & paper, and power.  The strategic partnership joins RCI’s root cause analysis investigation methodology of equipment defects through its application EasyRCA with Uptake’s Industrial AI and extensive Asset Strategy Library (ASL) of 800 asset types and 58,000+ failure modes to generate cost-optimized maintenance strategies for process companies that mitigate risk, enhance safety, assure productivity, and increase plant profitability.

The combined offerings of RCI and Uptake enable process companies to pinpoint primary reasons for declines in a production line’s quality or the decrease in the overall equipment effectiveness (OEE) of an asset.  Specifically, RCI’s EasyRCA tool allows maintenance and reliability practitioners in process industries to formally conduct root cause analysis and identify factors that cause failures, defects, or quality deviations in a manufactured product.  As plants address complicated root causes and identify productivity losses in these process systems, Uptake and RCI help empower reliability teams to avoid downtime costs and increase profitability.

Uptake’s Asset Strategy Library (ASL) is a comprehensive knowledge base of failure information, generating maintenance strategies for specific equipment failure modes.  The ASL, in turn, powers the maintenance strategy engine, Uptake Compass, which enables users to optimize maintenance spend and eliminate low-value tasks.  Through the ingestion of work-order and sensor data, Uptake Compass delivers asset-specific, component-level reliability analysis including part survival curves, mean-time between failures, risk scenarios, and bad actors.  All translated into financial impact, key performance metrics in Uptake Compass provide a single source of industrial information to track, manage, and improve plant performance.  

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