Yanmar Rolls Out SHIPSWEB for Efficient Maritime Management

By Chantal Polsonetti

Company and Product News

Yanmar subsidiary, Yanmar Engineering has announced the deployment of SHIPSWEB, a sophisticated tool for management of auxiliary engines on ocean-going vessels. Available from November 1st, 2019, SHIPSWEB incorporates elements of artificial intelligence and advanced information and communications technology (ICT) to efficiently manage the operation of large auxiliary diesel engines.

Traditionally, onboard crew communicate with ship management companies via satellite to facilitate engine maintenance of ocean-going vessels, while at sea. However, in recent years, crew spend less time onboard ships while ever stricter emissions regulations have meant that engines are more complex than ever before making adequate service levels difficult to maintain.

In response to these challenges, Yanmar developed the SHIPSWEB service platform to ensure that customers have access to technical information they need when they need it, supported by the necessary experience and knowhow.

Yanmar will continue to develop ICT products and services to solve customer’s problems and minimize equipment downtime.

SHIPSWEB service started November 1st, 2019.

Service outline

(1) A service that suits the customer’s environment and workstyle

When working on ships at sea, the crew has a fixed schedule in which to carry out pressure and temperature measurements at various locations and carry out necessary maintenance and record the data. SHIPSWEB does not seek to replace the existing working environment, rather, it utilizes AI and ICT to ensure ease of uptake and increase efficiency and achieve labor savings.

(2) Content

・ Chatbot to respond to technical questions

A chatbot offers immediate online response to technical questions from customers. In the future, the system will not only use the company’s accumulated knowhow but will also be able to use AI to analyze everyday activities to offer better answers to customers’ questions.

・Engine performance diagnosis, parts wear prediction (only available in standard version)

SHIPSWEB has the capacity to extract data in a variety of formats so that on-board performance management data and parts wear measurements, whether in various electronic formats or uploaded to the system from written records, to analyzed engine and parts status and ascertain and evaluate the risk of parts failure. The standard version of the system also offers a more detailed engine performance diagnosis.

・Technical material search support

The system provides a search tool that represents technical information related to the search keyword as a network graph to give the user a bird’s eye view of the available technical manuals, instruction manuals and service news necessary for engine management.

・On-board maintenance support

The system examines daily maintenance data for each engine as well as maintenance history to analyze the recommended maintenance period for each engine location and advise the user accordingly. The system also supports the user’s daily maintenance with maintenance procedures distilled from the collected experience and knowhow of marine engineers.

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