Yokogawa's New Version of Plant Resource Manager

By Shin Kai

Company and Product News

Yokogawa Electric Corporation announced the November 14 release of Plant Resource Manager (PRM) R4.03, the latest version of a software package in the OpreX Asset Management and Integrity family that facilitates the monitoring and control of plant operations by centralizing the management of large volumes of data from instrumentation and manufacturing equipment.  PRM R4.03 features device diagnostic functions that help to optimize plant maintenance and ensure safe operations.  This reportedly translates into greater efficiency and accelerates the transition from reactive to predictive maintenance.

Enhancements include as follows:

  1. Reduction of maintenance workload
    The starter edition of InsightSuiteAE, a Yokogawa software tool for the viewing of diagnostic data that can aid in the identification of device degradation, is now included with PRM. This allows PRM to identify devices that are rarely used and thus may have deteriorated less and have a low risk of failure. Such proactive condition-based monitoring helps reduce the daily workload for maintenance personnel because only selective device checks need to be carried out.
  2. Reduced risk of equipment failures
    PRM now comes with an interface package for generic systems that enables this software to connect with device and equipment diagnostic systems. This helps to identify abnormal conditions in peripheral equipment and field devices. For example, by connecting to Yokogawa's cavitation detection system, PRM can identify cavitation inside pumps in real time. By using PRM's alarm function, operators can receive immediate notification of abnormal conditions, so that evasive actions, such as limiting the flow rate, can be taken to prevent pump failure.
  3. Faster plant start-ups
    A device parameter audit function has been added to PRM that enables parameter checking to be performed immediately at plant start-up. This confirms that the correct parameters have been set for all field devices of the same model. This function also makes it easier to troubleshoot problems by checking parameter changes and logs.

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