Digital Transformation at the Industrial IoT Edge

Diverse Technologies Are Converging at the Industrial IoT Edge

The industrial IoT edge is experiencing a rapid convergence of diverse technologies driven by increased connectivity requirements, extension of IT architecture into OT spaces, growing recognition of edge compute applications as a source of business value for digitally transforming enterprises, and increased emphasis on the industrial edge as a means to fuel data-hungry AI and analytics applications.

Industrial IoT Edge

Advancements in connectivity such as WiFi6, 5G, private networks, LoRaWAN, and others are changing the way industrial enterprises collect, move, and utilize their data. Technologies such as Kubernetes and Docker are increasingly a part of the edge compute value proposition, facilitating flexible orchestration of containerized applications. The low latency, high reliability, and secure nature of industrial edge compute environments will make them attractive deployment locations for the growing number of industrial AI applications.

In the context of these technological and market forces, an increasing number of organizations are investing in industrial edge technologies. 

Over Half of Enterprises Active at the Edge

Escalating Role of Software Extends to Industrial Network Infrastructure 

Industrial IoT edge hardware and software infrastructure is a primary enabler of digital transformation initiatives ranging from sustainability and electrification to regulatory compliance and security defense. Escalating functional requirements are coupled with the push to reduce operational and management complexity for the operations technology (OT) personnel tasked with deploying and managing edge infrastructure. 

Increasing software-driven functionality is likewise pushing suppliers to respond with new products and portfolio refreshes that support edge-to-cloud, edge compute, centralized management, and security. In the network infrastructure realm, current manifestations include new operating system firmware, edge compute capabilities, and new software suites for centralized management, visibility, monitoring, diagnostics, and security policy implementation across network types. 

ARC Market Intelligence on Digital Transformation at the Industrial IoT Edge

Founded in 1986, ARC Advisory Group is the leading technology research and advisory firm for industry, infrastructure, and cities. We provide extensive market coverage of all aspects of the industrial IoT edge, ranging from edge and cloud software platforms to network infrastructure and endpoint devices. Strategic issues covered include:

  • What is and will be the role of the industrial edge in digital transformation?
  • How are automation suppliers using the edge to accelerate digital transformation objectives?
  • How will adoption of edge-native architectures impact traditional industrial automation?
  • How to leverage cloud benefits while using the edge to maintain operational integrity?
  • How can enterprises leverage the industrial edge for emerging AI/ML use cases? 
  • How should edge hardware and software suppliers differentiate themselves?
  • How will the increasing emphasis on software and service-driven business models impact the market?

Industrial IoT Edge Insight

Industrial IoT Research Topics

ARC covers a broad spectrum of topics related to the Industrial Internet of Things.  Global Market Research is available for each of the topics below.  Technology Selection Guides are also available for several of the topics below.

Industrial IoT Edge Compute Software Platforms

  • Market data and scope:  region, industry, new vs. retrofit, platform execution environment, application execution environment, revenue type, customer type, sales channel, customer size
  • Market Research

Industrial IoT Gateways and Routers

  • Market data and scope:  units, average selling price, revenue type, region, industry, new vs. retrofit, network type, CPU, OS, application execution environment, use in edge computing, form factor, environmental rating, IEC 61850-3, EN 50155, Class 1 Division 2, ATEX, sales channel, customer type
  • Market Research

Industrial Cellular Routers

  • Market data and scope:  Cellular technology, public vs. private, fixed vs. mobile, CPU/OS, edge-to-cloud integration, use in edge compute, form factor, hazardous/environmental
  • Market Research
  • Technology Selection Guide

Industrial Ethernet Switches 

Industrial and Outdoor Wireless Access Points

  • Market data and scope:  new vs. retrofit, fixed vs. mobile, form factor, Wi-Fi standard, environmental
  • Market Research 

OT Network Management Software

  • Market data and scope: Revenue type, licensing strategy, software functionality, managed device type, proprietary vs. third-party devices, network size; deployment environment, services, sales channel, customer type
  • Market Research 

Industrial/OT Cybersecurity

Industrial PCs

  • Market data and scope:  edge computing, gateway, HMI, logic control, vision
  • Market Research 

Industrial Private Networks (5G & 4G)

  • Market Data and Scope:  region, network type, hardware vs. software vs. services, network deployment
  • Market Research

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