Annual ARC Industry Leadership Forum Asia
Accelerate Transformation in the Age of AI, Open Automation, and Sustainability

July 2, 2024 – Tokyo, Japan | July 10-11, 2024 – Bangalore, India | August 1, 2024 - Singapore

July 2, 2024 - Tokyo, Japan (Japanese)
July 10-11, 2024 - Bangalore, India (English)
August 1, 2024 - Singapore (English)

Join us at the Annual ARC Industry Forum Asia to speed up your digitalization, sustainability and energy transition initiatives with strategies and stories from your peers.  

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For industrial sectors, it is a time of uncertainty. Market disruption abounds, and change is inevitable. For companies that can make fast, effective decisions, change presents significant opportunity and not just existential risk. Industrial leaders deal with this by leveraging transformational technologies such as generative AI to evolve business models, focusing on competitive and operating excellence, anticipating changes to the workforce and work itself, establishing cyber-resilient operations, and driving energy transition and sustainability into core business strategies.   

Accelerate Industrial and Municipal TransformationBy embracing a digital-first mindset, companies can dismantle constraints that limit their capacity to quickly produce the correct goods and services for the marketplace. Through digitally-driven business agility, leaders succeed and grow, embracing goals of competitive excellence and revenue creation, while delivering production efficiency and operational excellence to protect margins. These companies are integrating digital technology, such as AI and cognitive analytics, digital twins, predictive technologies, and other technologies, throughout their value chains. Design and engineering, production operations, maintenance, logistics, supply chain, business systems, customers, products, and organizational structure are undergoing innovative change as companies adapt to increasingly dynamic market conditions. Leaders understand that attaining business agility, enabled by digital technologies, is critical to responsiveness, resilience, and competitive differentiation. 

Technologies like digital twin, cloud, AI, edge computing, IoT, open automation, additive manufacturing, augmented reality, and more are enabling new business processes and obscuring traditional functional boundaries. OT, IT, and ET teams are growing their skills and capabilities, transforming real-time operations. Executives charged with driving transformation are seizing this moment to innovate and deliver value. Call it digital transformation, smart manufacturing, or Industry 4.0, industrial companies are unlocking business agility to better innovate, transform, and succeed in both the present and future.

Is your organization successfully evolving to be a digital organization?

Join us at the Annual ARC Industry Forum Asia, to learn more about how transforming factories, plants, and infrastructure will benefit technology end users and suppliers alike. The 2023 ARC Industry Forum Asia in-person events in Tokyo, Japan, and Bangalore, India, were a huge success. We are currently in the process of planning a broad set of industry-relevant topics for 2024. The Asia Forum will be hosted in two languages: Japanese (Tokyo Event) and English (Bangalore Event). Discover what your peers and industry leaders are doing today and what steps they are taking to prepare for the future.

Bangalore Executive Speakers

The following executives are featured speakers at the Bangalore Forum.

Sharul Rashid

Head of Technical Excellence

Sharul RashidSharul has more than 30 years of experience in handling instrumentation and control issues in oil & gas, gas liquefaction and petrochemical plants including pipeline transmission network. Sharul advises not only within his Group Technical Solution but also plant Petronas-wide on instrumentation and control issues. He is involved as an instrumentation expert in many key Petronas projects, e.g., Kertih Compressor Station, Peninsular Gas Utilization metering stations, and MLNG Satu Rejuvenation and MLNG Dua Debottlenecking. Sharul is the President of International Society of Automation (ISA), Malaysia Section. He is co-chair Certification Work-Group (CWG) of the Open Process Automation Forum (OPAF) and), Vice-Chair IASSC (Instrument Automation Standards Subcommittee) for IOGP, Vice-Chair Digital Connected Society (Malaysia) and co-Steering Committee member of JIP33 (IOGP) (International Oil & Gas Producer. Additionally, he is voting member for ISA-75 (Actuated Valve) and IEC TC/S/15 for Smart Manufacturing.

S Manohar

General Manager
VDMA South India

S ManoharManohar has 30+ years of working experience in mechanical engineering companies, telecom, healthcare, banking and business process management organizations. Currently, he heads the VDMA South India office covering the states of Karnataka, Tamilnadu, Andhra Pradesh, Telangana and Kerala. There are around 200+ VDMA members located in the southern region. He represents VDMA on the OPC UA FORUM India steering committee. He also represents the activities of Woodworking Machinery Division Frankfurt in India. He holds a B.E. with an MBA specialized in Marketing Management.

R. Sarangapani

Executive Director (BD, IBD & CW)
NTPC Nava Raipur

Simon FloydSarangapani has about 32 years of experience in the power sector, both in engineering as well as in O&M areas. He was head of maintenance at India’s first ultra-supercritical station, Khargone. His focus areas are HMI engineering, cybersecurity, advanced process control, digital asset management, IIoT and Industry 4.0. Sarangapani was a topic leader and the only team member from India for preparation of IEC 62443-2-4 standard for Cybersecurity of Industrial Automation Systems. He spearheaded a project for remote operation of a hydro power station and also led the Digital Transformation team and prepared a digital roadmap. He holds a B.E (Control & Instrumentation) from Thapar Institute of Engineering & Technology, Patiala, M.Tech in Computer Science, IETE & also an alumnus of IIM, Lucknow.

Additional Speakers are listed on the Registration Page. 
To view, click on a speaker and then scroll back up to see their bio and sessions.  
Executive Speakers

Singapore Executive Speakers

The following executives are featured speakers at the Singapore Forum.

Sharul Rashid

Head of Technical Excellence

Sharul RashidSharul has more than 30 years of experience in handling instrumentation and control issues in oil & gas, gas liquefaction and petrochemical plants including pipeline transmission network. Sharul advises not only within his Group Technical Solution but also plant Petronas-wide on instrumentation and control issues. He is involved as an instrumentation expert in many key Petronas projects, e.g., Kertih Compressor Station, Peninsular Gas Utilization metering stations, and MLNG Satu Rejuvenation and MLNG Dua Debottlenecking. Sharul is the President of International Society of Automation (ISA), Malaysia Section. He is co-chair Certification Work-Group (CWG) of the Open Process Automation Forum (OPAF) and), Vice-Chair IASSC (Instrument Automation Standards Subcommittee) for IOGP, Vice-Chair Digital Connected Society (Malaysia) and co-Steering Committee member of JIP33 (IOGP) (International Oil & Gas Producer. Additionally, he is voting member for ISA-75 (Actuated Valve) and IEC TC/S/15 for Smart Manufacturing.

Murli Balsubramanian

Sr. Principal Instrumentation & Controls Engineer
ExxonMobil Asia Pacific

Murli BalsubramanianMurli is currently the Senior Principal I&C Engineer for ExxonMobil Technology and Engineering Company and serves as the Senior Advisor for all ExxonMobil businesses. With 35 years of experience in instrumentation and controls, he has worked in both Projects (pharmaceuticals, pure chemicals, fertilizers, refining and petrochemicals) and Operations support roles. Mr. Balsubramanian graduated with a B.E. in Electronics Engineering.


AI Scientist


Milind heads the AI product development and operations function at Mercedes-Benz for Region Overseas, covering more than 40 countries globally. With close to two decades of experience in business leadership and consulting roles, he has advised governments on policy and regulatory matters, worked with private companies on strategy and growth initiatives, been a core team member of a successful start-up, and has turned around a loss-making business. Milind also serves on the advisory board of the AI for Good Foundation.

Additional Speakers are listed on the Singapore Page.   
Executive Speakers

Who Should Attend

  • CEOs, COOs, and Presidents
  • CIOs and CTOs
  • VPs and Directors of IT
  • VPs, Directors, and Managers of Operations
  • VPs, Directors, and Managers of Supply Chain
  • VPs, Directors, and Managers of Manufacturing
  • VPs, Directors, and Managers of Engineering
  • Plant Managers and Supervisors
  • Production Managers and Supervisors

Forum Topics

  • AI and Machine Learning
  • Transforming to 21st Century Operations
  • Energy Transition and Industrial Sustainability
  • Asset Performance Management
  • Automation Innovations
  • Cybersecurity for Digitalization and Sustainability
  • Digital Twins and Connected Smart Machines
  • Digital Workforce and Culture
  • Industrial IoT Platforms, Edge Infrastructure, and End Devices
  • MES End User Success Stories
  • Smart Infrastructure

Tokyo In-Person Event Agenda

The Tokyo presentations will be made in Japanese.  Please see the Tokyo Program for details.


Bangalore Event Agenda

Following is the schedule for the Bangalore Event sessions.  Times and sessions are subject to change.  All times are India Standard Time (IST). Presentations will be made in English.

Wednesday, July 10

8:30 AMRegistration
9:30 AMWelcome Note by ARC Advisory Group 
9:35 AMInauguration - Eco-friendly watering a plant along with Group Photo with all sponsors
 Keynote Presentations
9:45 AMDigital Transformation and the (Industrial) Big Bang
Ganapathiraman, VP & GM, ARC Advisory Group
10:00 AMProductize, Certify, and Deploy
Sharul Rashid, Head of Technical Excellence, Petronas
10:20 AMTowards a Sustainable Future: NTPC Approach
R. Sarangapani, Executive Director (BD, IBD & CW) and Rohit Mukherjee, Deputy General Manager, NTPC Ltd. 
10:40 AMPanel Discussion and Q&A
Moderators with Speakers/Panelists
11:00 AMTea/Coffee Break
 Digital Transformation and Sustainability Initiatives (Part 1)
11:30 AMFrom Automated to Adaptive Production
Vikas Manoria, Head Regional Product Management, Factory Automation, Digital Industries, Siemens Limited
11:50 AMAdvancing Sustainability and Productivity with AI
Rajesh Ramachandran, Global Chief Digital Officer and Managing Director, ABB Process Automation
12:10 PMOPC Hub India - Transforming Shop Floor Communication between Machines/Devices
S. Manohar, General Manager, VDMA South India
12:30 PMPanel Discussion and Q&A    
Moderators with Speakers/Panelists
1:00 PMLunch
 Industrial AI, Energy Transition, SDA and Analytics
2:00 PMUnleashing Innovation with Software Defined Universal Automation
Dheeraj Bareja, Director Partner Business Development,
2:20 PMAccelerating the Energy Transition with Digital Technologies
Mangesh Nawarange, Sales Director, Digital for Energy Industries, Process Automation, ABB India Ltd.
2:40 PMGenAI implementation in Manufacturing:  From Architecture to Use Cases
Dr. Amit Gupta, Head of Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning, HMEL
3:00 PMPanel Discussion and Q&A    
Moderators with Speakers/Panelists
3:30 PMTea/Coffee Break
 Digital Transformation and Sustainability Initiatives (Part 2)
4:00 PMArt of Sustainability - Value Proposition
Vikram Kalkat, Director, Strategic Services, ARC Advisory Group
4:15 PMDigital Transformation and Productivity Improvement
Ramesh J, Product Head, Ace Micromatic Manufacturing Technologies (AmiT)
4:35 PMDigital Transformation and Sustainability Initiatives in Renewable Energy Industry
Rajesh Bhat, Advisor Strategy and Growth, Renewable Insights
4:55 PMDigital Transformation in the Metal Industry
Sanjeev Mishra, Head Electrical Commissioning, Vedanta Limited
5:15 PMPanel Discussion and Q&A    
Moderators with Speakers/Panelists
5:30 PMNetworking with Delegates
6:30 PMCocktail Party and Dinner

 Thursday, July 11

8:30 AMRegistration
 Industrial AI and Analytics
9:30 AMThe Industrial AI (R)Evolution
Colin Masson, Director of Research, ARC Advisory Group
9:50 AMEnhancing Plant Performance Using AI and Advanced Analytics
Pawan Rallabandi, Head Digital & Advanced Technologies Business Unit, TCE
10:10 AMAI Driven Initiatives in Tata Steel
Gaurav Saran, Senior Technologist, Process Technology Group, and Md Akram Raza, Analyst, Tata Steel
10:30 AMPanel Discussion and Q&A    
Moderators with Speakers/Panelists
11:00 AMTea/Coffee Break
 Digital Transformation and Digital Twins Initiatives
11:30 AMHow Nova Industria Brasil Is Helping the Sugar-Energy and Biofuels Sector with Digital Transformation
Libanio Carlos de Souza, CEO, Nova Smar
11:50 AMOptimizing the Future of Crude Oil Processing: The Power of Digital Twin and Smart Data Historian
Akash Shukla, Senior Manager IS and Aishwariy Baheti, Manager Digital, BPCL
12:10 PM2024 Digital Twin Adoption Trends – Global and India
Namita Jain, Director of Research, NASSCOM Insights
12:30 PMPanel Discussion and Q&A    
Moderators with Speakers/Panelists
1:00 PMLunch
 Open Process Automation (OPA)
2:00 PMVideo on “Signs of an Era of Open Industrial Automation
Harry Forbes, Director of Research, ARC Advisory Group
2:10 PMVideo on “Deploying APC (Advanced Process Control) Using IEC61499 at Function Block Level
David DeBari, R&D Team Leader, ExxonMobil
2:25 PMAdoption of OPA Using Migration Strategies in Classified Areas
Ravindra Jagasia, Director Global Business Development, Strategic Goals, R. Stahl
2:35 PMAn Open Ecosystem for OPAS
Vishal Kumar, Business Unit Automation Systems and Digital Factory, Phoenix Contact India
2:45 PMAccelerating Process Manufacturing Innovation While Lowering Costs with Open Standards / Modular Automation
Krutika Kansara, IoT/AI-ML Lead, Rockwell Automation
2:55 PMScale Industrial Control Systems Using Open Process Automation
Anup Dasari, Product Marketing Manager, Network and Edge Group, Federal & Industrial Solutions Division, Intel 
3:05 PMPanel Discussion and Q&A    
Moderators with Speakers/Panelists
3:30 PMVote of Thanks
Saurabh, ARC Advisory Group
3:35 PMTea/Coffee

Note: PATS O-PAS & Industry 4.0 Seminar/HANDS ON Date: July 10, 2024 – 2PM to 4PM at SMAR booth

Singapore Event Agenda

Following is the schedule for the Singapore Event sessions.  Times and sessions are subject to change.  All times are Singapore Standard Time (SST). Presentations will be made in English.

Thursday, August 1

8.00Registration and Coffee
9.00Welcome and Introduction by ARC Advisory Group 
9.10Keynote Address
Clifton Phua, Infocomm Media Development Authority (IMDA)
9.30Open Process Automation Forum
 Sharul Rashid, Petronas
 John Kirkman, Enterprise Transformation Partners
 Murli Balsubramanian, ExxonMobil Asia Pacific
 Panel Discussion with Speakers and Additional Panelists
Onur Gurhan, Schneider Electric
Mark Hammer, Yokogawa
Mercy Zhang, SUPCON
11.00Morning Coffee Break and Exhibition Visit
11.30Technologies for Transformation
 Arne Modersohn, Evonik
 Bejoy Jose, Yokogawa
 Stefan Hoppe, OPC Foundation
 Panel Discussion with Speakers and Additional Panelist
Jonas Berge, Emerson
13.00Networking Lunch and Exhibition Visit 
14.00The Age of AI: Opportunities and Solutions for Industry
 Mercy Zhang, SUPCON
 Peter Morrison, BP
 Goh JuayTong, AspenTech & RenJie New, Emerson 
 Milind, Mercedes-Benz
 Panel Discussion with Speakers
16.00Afternoon Coffee Break and Exhibition Visit
16.30Best Practices in Smart Manufacturing
 Andy Yu, Schneider Electric
 Cedric Beltrame, Hexagon
 Damador Hegde, Coca-Cola
 Panel Discussion with Speakers
18.00Closing Remarks
18.15Evening Dinner and Networking Reception by the Singapore River

Attendee Perspectives

“I am very happy with the way the Bangalore forum 2023 turned out on the topic of Open Process Automation (OPA). In the keynote session ExxonMobil and Petronas discussed OPA as an innovation enabler and making the case for ‘learning through doing’. We had an OPAF workshop with Reliance presenting their advancements on OPA; and a session on OPA Ecosystems Development with our partners. There was a lot of interest from folks wanting to know more about OPAF at the OPA booth.”

Mohan Kalyanaraman
Technology Acquisition Advisor, Strategic Planning
ExxonMobil Technology and Engineering

“The ARC India Forum 2023 in Bangalore provided the right platform for industry to collaborate on optimizing the green hydrogen value chain through Open Process Automation, Enterprise Metaverse, Integrated Safety and Collaborative Sustainability Monitoring. We look forward to making a Green Energy value chain with digital collaboration.”

Pulak Upadhyay
General Manager, Digital Consulting
Schneider Electric Process Automation (India Hub)
schneider electric

"Many thanks for giving me an opportunity to speak regarding one of our core expertise areas - solar plants. I truly appreciate ARC’s meticulous efforts in organizing this event and covering trending topics of automation and instrumentation. I am so glad that I attended this Forum and enriched my knowledge base.”

Latha D S
Discipline Head,  Power Business Unit - Instrumentation and Controls
Tata Consulting Engineers Limited (TCE)

“It was a good event and very important companies participated and attended the sessions. It was great for OPC HUB INDIA to be a part of it.”

Rajkiran Patil
Director Measurement Intelligence, Siemens
Site Leader, OPC Hub India

“The forum was well planned and managed and the topics quite relevant. Enjoyed interacting with different speakers and delegates.”

Anup Dubey
Senior Analytics Practice Lead, Group Data & Analytics
Aditya Birla Management Corporation Ltd.
aditya birla

“Open Process Automation (#OPAS) is becoming a reality. We just concluded our presentation about Open Process Automation as a part of OPAS. Thank you very much ARC Advisory Group for giving us this amazing opportunity to be part of this Forum on Driving Sustainability, Energy Transition and Performance through Digitalization.”

Vishal Kumar
Manager, BU Automation System, Industry Management and Automation
Phoenix Contact India Pvt Ltd.
Phoenix Contact

“This was my first visit to India and to the Silicon Valley, Bengaluru. It was exciting to meet industry leaders and experts and learn about digital transformation at industrial levels. The ARC Forum provided a good networking platform to share ideas, solutions, and discuss the progress being made on the digital transformation journey. Collaboration on this journey is extremely important.”

Jack Li
SUPCON Singapore

To Register

Forum Fee

There is no fee to attend for ARC Advisory Service Clients, Digital Transformation Council (DTC) members, Speakers, Panelists, and Sponsors of this Forum.  Technology End Users including Manufacturing, Energy, Supply Chain, Logistics and City Leaders are also welcome to register at no cost. Please select the appropriate ticket type when you register to receive your complimentary ticket.

If you are a technology end user, we encourage you to become a DTC member to receive your free ticket.  Please visit the Digital Transformation Council page to learn all the benefits of becoming a member of this thriving community.

For the Tokyo In-Person Forum fee, please contact ARC Japan, [email protected], +81 4 2991 1685. For the Bangalore In-Person Forum fee, please contact ARC India, Ganapathiraman G. [email protected], (0)9632330000. For the Singapore In-Person Forum fee, please contact ARC Singapore, Bob Gill, [email protected], +65 97709566.

Registration Methods

For assistance with registration, please contact Leena Kanickaraj, [email protected] to register for the Bangalore Forum or Fox Chen, [email protected] to register for the Singapore Forum.

Cancellations and Substitutions

Substitutions may be made at any time at no additional charge. The registration fee is fully refundable up to 7 days prior to the Forum date minus a $75 administration fee. A 50% cancellation fee will be assessed after that date. In place of the registration fee refund, attendees may choose to receive access to all session video recordings for 1 month. All cancellations must be received in writing.


The Tokyo Forum is held at KFC Hall & Rooms.

KFC Hall & Rooms  
6-1, Yokoami-1,  
Sumida-ku, Tokyo 130-0015  

The Bangalore Forum is held at Radisson Blu Atria Hotel.

Radisson Blu Atria Hotel  
1 Palace Road  
Bengaluru, 560001  
1 800 1080 333

The Singapore Forum is held at Grand Copthorne Waterfront Hotel.

Grand Copthorne Waterfront Hotel
392 Havelock Road
Singapore 169663
+65 6733 0880

Speaking Opportunities

For information on nominating a speaker for the forum, please visit our Speaking Opportunities page or contact Chiaki Itoh, [email protected], +81 4 2991 1685; G. Ganapathiraman, [email protected],  +91 96 3233 0000; Bob Gill, [email protected], (659) 770-9566; Rita Liu, [email protected], +8618501687629; or Steve DePaola, [email protected], +1 781-471-1120. 

Sponsorship Opportunities

For information on opportunities for sponsoring the forum, please contact Chiaki Itoh, [email protected], +81 4 2991 1685; G. Ganapathiraman, [email protected],  +91 96 3233 0000; Bob Gill, [email protected], (659) 770-9566; Rita Liu, [email protected], +8618501687629; or Steve DePaola, [email protected], +1 781-471-1120 .

Previous Attendees

The following companies have attended previous ARC Forums.

Abhijeet Industries
Ace Micromatic
Adani Group
Aditya Birla
Aeronautical Development Agency
Amar Radio Corporation
ASAPP Info Global Media Group 
Avadooth Automation
Baldota Control and Equipments Pvt Ltd 
Beckhoff Automation
Bentley Systems
Bharat Bijlee
Bharat Electronics Limited
Bharat Forge
Bharat Fritz Werner Ltd
Bharat Petroleum Corp
Bhilai Steel Plant
Blueripples Technologies 
Calligo Technologies
CC-Link Partner Association (CLPA)
Central Power Research Institute
Chemical Industry Digest
Chiyoda Corporation
Cisco Systems
Cochin Refineries
Control Infotech
Coromandel International Ltd.
Cosmo Oil
Creative Cyberservices
Dalmia Cement
DCM Shriram Ltd
Defence Metallurgical Research Laboratory
Dover Corporation
Dr. Reddy's Laboratories
Dynam Electro Controls
Engineers India
Engineers Innoventures
Eoxys Systems India Pvt Ltd
EQUATE Petrochemical Company
EtherWAN Systems
Everything Recycle
Exec Technologies
Ezaki Glico
Farabi Petrochemicals 
FieldComm Group
Finolex Industries Ltd.
Flsmidth pvt Ltd
Fluid Control Research Institute
Focus-On Vof
Forbes Marshall P Ltd.
Fuji Electric Co. Ltd.
Fuji Oil Co. Ltd.
Fujion Technica Pvt Ltd. 
Fujitsu Limited
Gadgeon Systems
Gila Electric
GNP Automation
GreenAct Innovations
Gujarat Narmada Valley Fertilisers & Chemicals Ltd.
Hamamatsu Photonics K.K.
Happiest Minds
HCL Technologies
Hengli Group
Heritage Foods Ltd
Hibiscus Petroleum
HIMA China
Hindustan Aeronautics
Hindustan Petroleum
Honda R&D Co., Ltd.
Hong Kong eCommerce Supply Chain Association (HKeCSC)
Hpcl Mittal Energy Limited
HY Crossing pte Ltd
Icore Automation Resources
IDEXX Laboratories
IED Communications Ltd.
Indian Institute of science
Indian Oil Corp
Indorama Ventures Limited
Indus Technologies Advisory 
IndustriConnect Technologies pvt Ltd. 
Intel Corporation
Intergraph Process Power And Offshore Pte Ltd
ISA - International Society of Automation
ITC Bhadrachalam
ITC Infotech
ITI Limited
Japan Packaging Machinery Manufacturers Association
Japan Petroleum Energy Center

Jasubhai Media Pvt Ltd
JFE Plant Engineering
JFE Steel Corporation
JGC Corporation
JGC Holdings
Jindal Steel and Power
JK Paper Ltd
JNC Petrochemical Corp.
Joshi Consultants
JP Steel Plantech Co.
JSW Energy Ltd.
KANEKA Corporation
Karnataka Power Corporation
Kawasaki Heavy Industries Ltd.
KCL Limited
kesoram Industries Ltd
K-Lite Industries
Knowledge Lens
Koerber Pharma
Kogyo Gijutsu Sha
Konishi Automation Consultant
KransuQb Solutions
KVR Consulting
Kyushu Electric Power Co. Inc.
L & T
Leagle Inc.
Linak Actuator Systems Pvt. Ltd.
Linde PLC
LykiQ Labs Pvt Ltd 
Mangalore Refinery & Petrochemicals
Marubeni Information Systems Co. Ltd.
Maruti Suzuki India Pvt. Ltd.
Matrix Global Resources 
Maynilad Water Services Inc
MDQuality Apps Solutions LLP
Mechatronica Cluster 
Media Wings Digital Solutions LLP & MOFPC Ltd 
META Engineering Technology Sdn. Bhd.
MHI Engineering
Micronel Global Engineers Pvt. Ltd.
LTI Mindtree
Mitsubishi Electric
Mitsui Chemical
Modec Offshore Production System Pte Ltd
ModeliCon InfoTech LLP Inc.
Mons Royale
Moon Iron and Steel Co.
Mottainai Africa
Mpro Technologies 
MPW India
M-system Co. Ltd.
Mtechnix Sdn. Bhd.
Nabha Power Ltd.
National aerospace laboratory 
National Thermal Power Corp
Navtat Solutions
Nayara Energy Ltd
NEC Networks & System Integration Corp.
Neepa Systems
NetObjex India Private Limited
NFAPost Communications Pvt Ltd
Nippon Fisher Co. Ltd.
NNE Ltd.
NS Solutions Corporation
Nuclear Fuel Complex
Oasys Energy & Applied Technologies Pvt Ltd
OBDE Technologies Private Ltd.
Omega Simulation Co. Ltd.
Ontime Engineering and Services
OPC Foundation
Oracle India Pvt Ltd
Organo Corporation
Orient Cement
Osaka International Refining Co. Ltd.
Panasonic Manufacturing Malaysia Berhad
Petroleo Brasileiro S A
Petroliam Nasional Berhad
Phoenix Contact 
Physmark Inc
Pi Datacentres 
Pi Japan
Pioneer Corporation
Planet Aerospace 
Precimac Engineering Enterprises
Preferred Computational Chemistry, Inc.
Prime Polymer Co. Ltd.
Project IM Section
PT Kaltim Prima Coal
PT Sisindokom LintasBuana
PT South Pacific Viscose
PT Tiara Vibrasindo Pratama
PT Anggarkasih
PT Yokogawa Indonesia
PTT Global Chemical
Putrajaya Corporation
Quality Solutions and Services
R Stahl
Re sustainability limited 
Realtime Automation Pvt ltd

RHU Asia Resources
Risk 2 Solution
Rockwell Automation
RoviSys Asia Company Pte Ltd
Sagar Cements Limited
SAGE Automation Pty Ltd
Saisun Technologies
Salem Steel
Samson AG
Samtex Solutions 
Sangfroid Industry
Sanvi Mobility Consulting
SAP Labs India
Sathvik Engineers
Sati Auto Components Pvt Ltd
Saudi Aramco 
Saviant Technology Consulting & Software Development
SCG Chemicals
SCG Packaging
Schneider Electiric 
Schueco India Pvt. Ltd.
Sensegiz Technologies Pvt Ltd
Servilink Systems
Shanghai Sinopec Mitsui Chemicals Co. Ltd.
Shinkawa Electric Co. Ltd.
Siddhatech Engineering Solutions Pvt Ltd
Silverline Solutions
Singapore Refining Company Pvt Ltd
Sisindokom Lintasbuana
SK Technologies
SL Japan Corporation
SM Creative Electronics Ltd
Smart Transformations
Sofcon Systems India Pvt Ltd
SREE Engineering Enterprises
SSM InfoTech Solutions Pvt. Ltd.
Stable Business Supplies Pty Ltd
Steel Authority of India
Steel Plantech
Stella Chemifa Singapore
Stratus Technologies
Strides Arcolab
Sumitomo Chemical Co. Ltd.
Sun Innovation Systems Pvt Ltd 
Suncor Energy Inc.
Sundac Inc
Sunpower Phils. Mfg. Ltd
Superfyn Techno Engineers Pvt Ltd
Supinco Automation
Surfa Coats India Pvt Ltd
Susan Automations India pvt ltd
Swapcard Ptd Ltd
Taiheiyo cement
Takasago Chemical Corporation
Tangentia India Technologies Pvt. Ltd. 
Tata Consultancy Services
Tata Consulting Engineers
Tata Motors
Tata Power
Tata Projects
Tata Steel
Tech Mahindra
Technip Energies
Technobay Solutions Pvt Ltd 
Techsol Energies Pvt Ltd
The Asahi Kohsan Group
The Heavy & Chemical News Agency
The India Cements Ltd
The Japan Electrical Manufacturers' Association (JEMA)
The Polyolefin Company (S) Pte Ltd
The Society of Instrument and Control Engineers
Tianchen Chemical Co. Ltd.
Timesys Corporation
TIS Inc.
TOHO Gas Co. Ltd.
Tokyo Electron Device Ltd.
Tokyo Gas Co. Ltd.
TOTAL Engineering
Toyo Engineering Corporation
Toyota Industries
Trend Micro 
TXOne Networks Inc.
UltraTech Cement
United Dynamics
Updater Services Ltd
UPL Ltd/Bureau of Energy Efficiency, Govt.of India
Uranus Info Technologies
U-Shim Inc.
Uthunga Technologies
Valuex Technologies
VBR Technologies Pvt Ltd
Vector Infotech Pte Ltd 
Vietnam petroleum institute
Vijaya Engineering Works
Vivix Vidros Planos
Western Digital
Wipro Enterprises Pvt Ltd
Zhejiang SUPCON Technology Co.