Benefits and Challenges of Connectivity in Digital Transformation

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Most manufacturers have been connecting their machines in some capacity for decades.  With the evolution of digital transformation in manufacturing, it’s critical to consider the benefits, drawbacks, costs, and value for providing new or enhanced connectivity to these machines today.  ARC Advisory Group surveyed and interviewed experts who connect and utilize industrial machinery to gain their insights.  This webcast will discuss the results and provide recommendations for end users, OEMs, system integrators, and suppliers of machine connectivity solutions. Attendees will learn:

  1. Business benefits and approaches to effective connectivity
  2. Budget and spending trends for connectivity over the next five years
  3. Key benefits and challenges of connected machines for end users and OEMs
  4. The value end users and OEMs derive from machine data every year
  5. End users and OEMs ROI requirements for machine connectivity projects

1 - 2 PM CDT

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