Transforming Data into Actionable Insights with Brain Cube

Author photo: Jim Frazer
By Jim Frazer

At the recent ARC Forum, ARC's Jim Frazer spoke with Garrett Keegan, Head of Account Executives at Brain Cube, and Becky Brown, Vice President of Marketing, to discuss the impact of Brain Cube's IoT and digital twin solutions on various industries. They touched on topics like improving yield, energy consumption, and sustainability efforts, as well as data centralization and visualization.

In the discussion, the breadth of Brain Cube's offerings was examined, including their focus on providing solutions tailored to their customers' unique needs. They help businesses tackle specific use cases, such as improving yield or Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE). Their process involves structuring data, connecting it, organizing it, and pushing it into their applications.

Garrett and Becky highlighted several evolving needs that Brain Cube addresses, including increasing throughput, yield, and understanding energy consumption on specific product lines. They also emphasized the importance of sustainability efforts like reducing CO2 emissions, minimizing wastewater, and decreasing chemical footprints in manufacturing processes.

Additionally Becky pointed out that Brain Cube's systems not only handle legacy IoT and OT data but also capture human capital knowledge. This allows for more seamless knowledge transfer, preventing loss of valuable information when employees leave or change roles within a company.

The group then discussed their flexible implementation approach. Brain Cube offers a dynamic approach that depends on the customer's level of maturity. They help businesses with data consolidation and visualization, even if they lack extensive connectivity in their facilities. This "crawl, walk, run" approach eventually leads to advanced analytics and AI applications.

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To engage with Brain Cube, prospective clients typically reach out and participate in knowledge capture sessions or workshops. Brain Cube's team listens to the customer's needs, assesses their level of data maturity, and recommends tailored solutions to support their specific business problems.

In summary, Brain Cube aims to streamline the process of turning data into actionable insights. By focusing on the unique needs of each customer, they can provide customized solutions that help businesses improve their operations and meet evolving industry demands. With the increasing importance of sustainability and data-driven decision-making, Brain Cube's offerings are more relevant than ever.

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