Market Analysis Services

In-depth global market research is a time consuming and tedious process especially for technology solutions developed for industry and infrastructure.  If you are a technology user looking to make the correct purchase decision, or a supplier looking to grow your business, ARC can help.  

    ARC offers an exceptional understanding of global markets, not just from a overall economic perspective, but at a deeper level with knowledge of local regional and country level industries, trends, technologies, and suppliers.   This market knowledge is stored in an extensive database and delivered as PDF Reports, Excel Workbooks or Online for your analysis.  Whether you are in sales, marketing, product management, or making an important buying decision, ARC can answer your toughest questions:

    • ARC Market Studies VideoWhat is the industrial breakdown of a region?
    • Which suppliers best address those industries?
    • What is the application breakdown by region?
    • What is the market size in this region?
    • Who is the market share leader in this region?
    • How has the market & industries changed over time?
    • How will the market & industries change in the future?

    ARC Market Analysis Platform

    ARC’s Market Intelligence and Rapid Analysis (MIRA) Platform delivers market intelligence in a PDF Report, powerful Excel Workbook or On-line .  These Reports and Workbooks are based on our extensive database built over the past 30 years of research, it contains data for over 100 product categories segmented in over 20 vertical markets.  ARC has standardized many segments and categories across products and industries, enabling comparisons across, and aggregations of data from multiple products and industries. 

    This platform can analyze data from many topics simultaneously, delivering aggregate data from different product segments over selected periods and regions.  When more market granularity is required, Regional Reports and Workbooks are available with data visibility to country level in each region.

    This rapid analysis platform makes ARC market research actionable, unlike any other solution on the market, delivering the ability to select data sets of interest and query for the intelligence and trends you need.  This is a point and click environment for in-depth information analysis, the results are displayed in tabular or graphical formats along with text explaining the market and technology trends. 

      Worldwide Market Analysis Services

      ARC’s Market Analysis Services (MAS) are a way for key technology suppliers and users to partner with ARC to stay abreast of the latest developments in Industry, Infrastructure, and Cities.  ARC provides these services on an annual subscription basis.  Key benefits of these services include:

      1. PDF Reports, Excel Workbook or On-line access to ARC’s market analysis
      2. Periodic updates to market trends, forecasts and strategies to assure you have access to the latest market intelligence to feed into your strategy and business development activities
      3. Periodic calls with ARC’s domain experts who often have decades of first-hand experience in the markets of interest to you
      4. Ability to gain additional insights from the market data using the latest Business Intelligence (BI) tools
      5. Direct access to the raw data in a format that optimizes integrating the data into your own BI Platform

      A Worldwide MAS delivers an in-depth analysis of the global marketplace for a product, service category or software application.  This is the primary tool for understanding the competitive landscape, trends, shares, forecast, go-to-market strategies, revenue breakdown by hardware, software, and many other categories that depend on the specific areas of a product or software application. 

      Shown below is an example of an Excel Workbook and a market opportunity chart that is available as part of ARC market analysis services.

      Market Analysis Services Workbook and Online Sample
      Market Analysis Services Workbook and Online Sample

      Market Opportunity Chart Sample
      Market Opportunity Chart Sample

      Country-Level Market Analysis Services

      In a country-level MAS, each of the study regions are expanded with country level data including: Regional Industry Sizes, Regional Industry Forecast, Country Industry Sizes and Country Industry Forecast

      ARC uses a combination of economic data and primary research to create and maintain an accurate country database for our clients.  Economic data is tuned, based on ARC research, to account for regional adoption rates, industry dynamics, and economic circumstances.  ARC believes this is the world’s most accurate resource for industry metrics of this type.  MAS Country is the ideal tool for business planning, helping to answer questions such as:

      • What is the size of the market in a country?
      • Which markets are growing and how fast?
      • What are the biggest industries in a region?
      • What is the right combination of territories for the sales or support organizations?

      All data is available in many local currencies.

      Download Country and Currency Breakdown

      Vertical Industry Market Analysis Services

      Maybe you deliver solutions for one or more industries.  MAS Vertical is a solution that aggregates ARC domain data in an industry specific view (a vertical view).  Interested in technology expenditures in the oil and gas industry, food, pharmaceutical, or one of 20+ others?  That is the deliverable for Vertical Industry MAS.

      MAS Vertical is available for many industry segments, including aerospace & defense, automotive, cement & glass, chemical, electric power generation, electric power T&D, electronics & electrical,  fabricated metals, food & beverage,  machinery, medical products, mining & metals, oil & gas, pharmaceutical & biotech,  plastics & rubber, printing & publishing, pulp & paper, refining, semiconductors, water & wastewater.

      Purchasing Market Analysis Services (MAS)

      Market Analysis Services are available for all ARC market research studies.  Simply go to our list of study offerings and select the study or studies of interest.  Then give ARC a call to discuss study delivery options as PDF, a Workbook or Online.

      Current List of Market Studies

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