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The Industrial Cybersecurity Network Security Solutions Market Analysis Report delivers current market analysis plus a five year market and technology forecast. 

Industrial/OT Cybersecurity Has Become a Global Priority

This ARC Advisory Group research report provides a concise analysis of the industrial/OT cybersecurity market for network security solutions.  It includes quantitative information on market size and growth across various regions, industries, and product categories.  It also includes qualitative discussions of market drivers/inhibitors and the positioning of the many suppliers offering network security solutions for industrial/OT cybersecurity.   

Industrial/OT network security solutions include a broad range of products for protecting plants, networks, and endpoint assets.  This is a distinct segment of the overall networking products market, distinguished by the unique requirements of systems that control critical industrial assets and infrastructure.  This market segment is also distinguished by its focus on operational safety and availability, as opposed to the conventional IT focus on information privacy and confidentiality.       

Many industrial organizations have already implemented basic network security solutions, but the market continues to grow robustly.   Cybersecurity threats and vulnerabilities are incredibly dynamic, driving the ongoing need for more sophisticated tools and services.  Governmental actions like the NIST Cybersecurity Framework and regulatory developments like NERC CIP Version 5 add urgency to these investments.  Major cyber-attacks, like the recent one against the Ukrainian power system, are also impacting this market.  Reports indicating that certain nations are actively supporting cyber-espionage are likewise having an impact and causing companies to review and strengthen cybersecurity and business continuity strategies.

Industrial Cybersecurity Strategic Issues Cybersecurity-Next Gen-Firewalls for Network Security

Industrial/OT cybersecurity solutions, which are assembled by industrial control system (ICS) suppliers, systems integrators, and end users themselves, are different than corporate IT solutions.  This makes solutions difficult to understand and makes it difficult to set investment levels.  

Beyond market size estimates, this report includes surveys of users and ARC analysis of future ICS developments that directly impact future market developments.  It addresses strategic questions such as:

  • How are companies organized to address cybersecurity?
  • What role do they see for cybersecurity service providers?
  • What security technologies are being used now and which ones are likely to be deployed within ICS?

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This market study may be purchased as a concise, executive-level Market Analysis Report (PDF). 

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  • Revenues by Product Category
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    • Unidirectional Communications

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