Top Technology Trends in Automotive & Electric Vehicles

Cost pressures, new competitors from other industries, new materials and technologies, and demographic trends are coming together to increase pressure on automotive manufacturers and their suppliers.  All automotive and electric vehicle companies must deploy the latest technologies to stay competitive.  ARC covers top technology trends in the Automotive & Electric Vehicles industries on an ongoing basis. Please visit Technology Evaluation and Selection Guides page for recent ARC research reports.

automotive capexThe current fleet of hybrid propulsion vehicles are already being superseded by all-electric models, with newer designs making increased use of aluminum, plus new materials like ultra-high-tensile steel and carbon fiber composite, to provide the light weight and stronger structure needed for the next generation of vehicles (electric or otherwise).  Looking ahead, today's smarter, more connected cars will soon become fully digitized, with commercial scale, fully autonomous vehicles somewhere on the horizon.

Millennial purchasers will drive the future automotive market and the trend appears to moving away from individual car ownership.  Additionally, demographic trends indicate that large urban centers will become denser, where transportation needs will be based on upgraded urban transit systems and electric cars.

ARC works closely with both suppliers and users of technology in the automotive and heavy machinery industries.  Many ARC domains are brought to bear in this industry.  We will assist you with market intelligence and advice for topics such as: Product Lifecycle Management (PLM), Product Design & Engineering, Product Data Management (PDM), Supply Chain & Logistics, Manufacturing Process Design & Engineering, Virtual Commissioning, Virtual Simulation & Validation, General Motion Control (GMC), Computer Numerical Control (CNCs), Robotics, Machine Vision Systems, Sensors, Device Networks, and Machine Safety.  

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Collaborative Management Model (CMM) provides a means for thinking about all of the complex interactions, applications, collaborations, and processes that an enterprise entails.  ARC is unique in depicting the globe and three intersecting axes which are the heart of the CMM Model. CMM also positions an enterprise's plants and facilities as nodes in a value network.

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