Top Technology Trends in Machinery Industry

The Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) is driving transformation in how machine builders deliver maintenance and support services. Connecting smart machinery to the Internet in a secure manner enables machine builders to remotely monitor the condition and performance of their customers' machinery on a continuous basis. IIoT also enables machine builders to apply analytics for adaptive control and predictive maintenance. With this remote, continuous monitoring by experts, the manufacturers that depend on the machinery should realize increased machine availability and performance. This, in turn, should lead to reduced capital equipment expenditures and improved machine output, labor utilization, and operator productivity.  ARC covers top technology trends in the Machinery Industry on an ongoing basis. Please visit Technology Evaluation and Selection Guides page for recent ARC research reports.

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Machinery Builders Industry Overview

Remote, continuous services represent a business opportunity that provides an economic benefit to both equipment users and suppliers. Using the framework of the Industrial Internet of Things, machine builders are incorporating embedded intelligence in machinery. This extends the diagnostic and data capturing capabilities of the machinery so that connected applications tracking performance and downtime can identify root causes of failure. The combination of embedded machine intelligence, secure connectivity, and analytics facilitates implementation of a remote service offering that improves machine uptime while making more efficient use of both the user's and supplier's resources.

Key Takeaways for Smart Connected Machines

  • Connected machinery creates new maintenance service revenue streams for machine builders
  • Connected machinery will result in more efficient machinery operation for owner-operators and more responsive maintenance
  • Plants with heterogeneous equipment can leverage the principles of IIoT to improve maintenance response


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