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Governments Increase Smart City Investments to Combat COVID-19, Reignite Growth

Technology is increasingly being deployed at all levels of government around the world to combat COVID-19.  While ARC sees significant headwinds affecting smart city markets over the next couple of years due to decreased tax revenue, reduced workforce, and more, many cities, states, and countries are forging ahead with large increases in technology investment both to combat COVID-19 and reignite economic growth in beleaguered cities.  While ARC expects many smart cities-related markets to decline in 2020, this increased investment in technology will provide an impetus for growth and quick recovery.  Here are some examples of what’s happening around the world right now.  

EU Boosts Investment In 5G Hardware Innovation and Trials of 5G-based Connected and Automated Mobility

Eleven new Horizon 2020 projects under the European 5G Public-Private Partnership (5G-PPP), will kick off in September 2020 as the EU Boosts Investment In 5G Hardware Innovation.  The objective will be to seize opportunities in 5G hardware innovation and to validate 5G ecosystems.
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