Model-Based Process Simulation and Optimization

Model-based process simulation and optimization has repeatedly demonstrated its engineering value as a tool for designing plants and processes. It also finds widespread engineering use in operations for process analysis, troubleshooting, de-bottlenecking, process improvement, developing control strategies, and training operators. More recently, however, it is becoming an everyday operational and model-based decision support tool that provides invaluable insight into process dynamics. Companies like Degussa and ExxonMobil are using it as a daily decision support tool because of its 'what-if' and predictive capabilities as well as its optimization functionality.

Today's process simulation tools help users create reusable workflows and automate data authoring.  The new work processes created enable people to focus on more value-adding activities.  Automated creation of engineering deliverables like process flow diagrams, piping and instrument diagrams, and equipment data sheets greatly simplify the handover between project engineering groups and ultimately to the owner-operator.

ARC analysts follow all aspects of simulation and optimization technology for Industry and Infrastructure.  If you are faced with a strategic decision, and want to know the best practices, leading solutions or current issues, then you need to engage with ARC. Please visit market analysis page for recent ARC research related to Process Simulation and Optimization.

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