Sensors, Transmitters and Actuators for Manufacturing

ARC believes that sensors, particularly smart sensors, transmitters and actuators are the proverbial “tip of the spear” that enables data to be transformed into effective actions through the power of solutions that leverage advanced computing, analytics, enhanced communications – including wireless, and automated workflows, processes and procedures.   One important component vital for intelligent systems to be most effective is accurate and reliable sensor measurements.  These provide the data that can be transformed into actionable information through analytics and the enhanced communications that typically comprise smart field systems. Sensors-Actuators

ARC conducts on-going research related to all types of sensors and actuators including control valves, flowmeters, level devices, pressure and temperature transmitters, analytical instrumentation, proximity and photoelectric sensors.  Sensor and actuator suppliers active across many of these markets will find this information invaluable for their internal planning purposes.  Technology users will find this research valuable in a supplier selection process.  Please visit market analysis page for recent ARC research related to Sensors, Transmitters and Actuators.

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