HMI SCADA Software Selection

The HMI SCADA Software Selection Guide includes both selection criteria and strategies for choosing an HMI SCADA software solution.

Selecting the Right HMI SCADA Software Overview

The scope of the criteria cover needs ranging from the factory and plant floor through production management and IT, including communications to devices ranging from sensors to local and cloud-based servers.  The guide has attributes tailored for industrial organizations, and allows those involved in a HMI SCADA Software selection process to make quicker and more informed decisions.   New technologies, such as cloud, virtualization, mobility, and analytics are becoming increasingly important capabilities for end users and OEMs who deploy the latest HMI/SCADA software systems to consider.  At the same time, HMI/SCADA software is increasing its role as an integration and business intelligence hub, providing connectivity and visualization to business, engineering, supply chain, and CPM/MES software systems in addition to its traditional display and control role for plant equipment and automation systems located throughout factories and plants globally.

HMI/SCADA software is becoming more mission critical.  The selection criteria that impacts users of HMI/SCADA software ranges from a supplier’s  technology and architecture to its projected business viability.  A supplier’s local and global presence, along with its long-term vision, has a significant effect on the selection process.  Other important selection factors for users of HMI/SCADA software include hardware platform requirements, system operating software, how upgrades and patches are managed, and what is the frequency of version releases.  A supplier’s support model, training offerings, and services portfolio are becoming more critical than ever in an era of reduced user in-house staffing levels.   

HMI/SCADA Software Selection Strategic Issues

ARC has been researching the HMI/SCADA software market for many years and we understand the challenges that organizations have to overcome.  We know where additional insight may be needed, and the features that a HMI/SCADA software solution needs to be a fit for this purpose.  This includes: 

  • Technology and architectureHMI/SCADA Software Selection Process
  • Integration with business, engineering, supply chain, CPM/MES, plant equipment, and automation systems
  • New technologies, such as Cloud, virtualization, mobile, and analytics
  • Supplier’s business viability
  • Local and global presence
  • Supplier’s long term vision
  • System operating software
  • Software upgrades and patch support
  • Version release frequency
  • Hardware platform requirements
  • Support model, training, and services  

This ARC Selection Guide will help you select the best available HMI/SCADA software solution to meet your needs now and in the future.

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Table of Contents

Executive Summary

  • Major Trends
  • Industry & Regional Trends
  • Factors Contributing to Adoption
  • Factors Inhibiting Adoption
  • Strategies for Success


Partial List of Selection Criteria Topics

  • Business Goals
  • System Functions & Features
    • Architecture
    • Basic Features
    • Advanced Features
  • Service Requirements
    • Project
    • Lifecycle

Leading Supplier Analysis

  • Market Shares of the Leading Suppliers
  • Market Shares by Region
  • Market Shares by Industry

Leading Supplier Profiles

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Representative End User Clients